Friday, 3 August 2012

All fed up at Strawberry Park Resort…in the very best way!

Continuing on with part 2 of the Strawberry Park Resort series, here’s the part that will have everyone salivating – FOOD! We tried quite a few of the resort’s outlets so here’s what you can expect.

Ready, Set, GO! :D

The Jim Thomson Terrace is used for both breakfast and dinner – I have to admit I quite like the layout as it’s easy to navigate. Selection isn’t exceptionally extensive, but they have a very respectable (and quite tasty) number of choices.

Bread counter during breakfast – I like how they have loaves of bread you can slice to your liking beyond just the usual pastries and standard sandwich bread stacks.

This is one you have to try – they have fresh roti canai made to order every morning! :D Light and fluffy, paired with the chicken curry, this is an awesome dish to have at a buffet breakfast!

Rest of the items at the breakfast buffet include an egg station, congee with condiments, nasi lemak, noodles, bacon, pancakes, baked beans, fruit, cereal and juices.

We had lunch at the Garden Terrace, which features a special “Smokey Bear” menu – the first I’ve seen done in the open. The meats are actually put into the smoker for up to 8 hours before it makes its way to your table. During this time, the smoker is checked every hour or so and the meats basted before being put back in.

One of the staff was kind enough to let us peep into the smoker (with copious amounts of fanning required to actually make out what was inside!) The meats in there included lamb, beef, chicken and even fish…I dunno about you, but I’m quite impressed!

We tried two of the options on the menu for lunch – first up above is the smoked lamb which was served with mint sauce…absolutely delicious!

The smoked tenderloin was just as good served with black pepper sauce. Both dishes came with a grilled tomato, corn on the cob and fries as well as our choice of salads from the counter (not pictured cos we were too busy nommings…oops!)

For tea, this is THE place to be. Even if I wasn’t staying at the Strawberry Park, I would go there just to have tea. The classic choices would be the traditional English chicken pie or scones with cream and jam. Being the gluttons we are, we settled for one set of each.

The staff told us these were the two specialties for tea, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. The chicken pie was piping hot from the oven (do note that you’ll have to wait about 20 minutes for the pie as they’re only put into the oven when you place your order so it’s fresh) and even came with gravy, fries and a salad – definitely generous enough for two people to share. The scones themselves were authentic and made by the resort kitchen. Even the strawberry conserve is made on site with their own strawberries. Suffice to say, we could barely move after polishing off those two dishes, but ended up going for a walk to attempt to walk off the meal!

We had two dinners at the resort, one at the Thai restaurant and the other one at the Jim Thomson Terrace which was a buffet.

First up is the Thai restaurant, where we had a set dinner for two. Prices are decent – the initial set for two pax is RM65++, plus RM30 for each additional diner.

Just take a look at the amount of food you get for two people – it’s MASSIVE. The Caucasian couple at the table next to us ordered another set dinner with dishes, and were also surprised by the amount of food provided. There’s both chicken and tomyam stock – the chicken one is alright, though the tomyam one was the clear winner at the end of the evening. Hey, when it’s cold out you want HOT STUFF! :D

The other dinner was of course, back at the Jim Thomson Terrace which has dishes from popular cuisines.

Can’t go wrong with the salads – this IS Cameron Highlands after all, so the greens are always fresh!

Some of the smoked meats from the Garden Terrace are also served, and you can have them heated up on the grill if you want them hot.

There’s an entire selection of dishes available, and seemed to be well-received by all the other diners we saw there.

They even had space to squeeze in a pasta station, and though we were both stuffed from earlier, the waitress insisted I should try it because they were that good. I had my doubts since I haven’t really had very good experience with any pasta that came from a pasta station at a buffet, but decided to order a small portion to test.

Turned out, they have one of the best pastas made to order I’ve ever tried! The tomato sauce had actual chopped tomatoes and veg in it, and it had pretty good flavour too.

Some of the fresh greens and salads available on the buffet line…

And a whole selection of meats and seafood from the grill!

This was probably the bf’s favourite – satay! It ranks in his top 5, so you can imagine he kept going back for more…

My personal favourite was the grilled sambal dory – sweet, fleshy, spicy, sour…is it any wonder I had several pieces of this? I really have to try and recreate this sometime, seems that the chilli blend is made by one of the indigenous folk working in the kitchen. On the right is otak-otak, which was so so.

Just some of the desserts available for your picking, if you can fit any more after gorging on the main courses…to me, they were quite standard so I’m not too fussed about it, but the must try are the éclairs and cream puffs.

And there you have it – rather a LOT of food packed into three days, and most of it highly recommended. For a small resort, the staff are nothing short of spectacular and very long-serving.

Tune in next week for the last instalment of the Strawberry Park Resort series – if you ever wondered what there was to do in Cameron Highlands, you won’t want to miss this! :D

And for those of you that missed part one, you can check it out here.

Have a happy weekend, folks!

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