Friday, 22 June 2012

Crayola Mini Nail Polish set!!

OMG who remembers having Crayola crayons as a kid? *waves hand frantically in the air* Seemed like the kid with the biggest box of crayons or colour pencils and the most colours won almost god-like status in the classroom. :D

When I came across this oh-so-ADORABLE Crayola mini nail polish set, my jaw dropped. Gimme. NOW. I’m so going to try and get my hands on this!

There are 8 colours in total, supposedly from the most popular colours – they’d be awesome to use for a rainbow-hued manicure, don’t you think? Each bottle is 0.07oz so it’s not a lot of polish, but then again it really is more of a novelty than a full-fledged collection.

The Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set is available on Fred Flare and retails at US$12.

My favourites out of the lot are the orange, robin’s egg blue (hel-lo Tiffany’s!) and plum (d-uh!). What’s your favourite? :D

Happy Friday peeps!

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At 10:24 am, June 23, 2012 , Blogger plue said...

so cute! i definitely like both blues and the purple one!


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