Monday, 5 March 2012

My skin’s A-OK with the Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet…

Happy Monday folks! Hope you all had a great weekend – I was back in Seremban celebrating my paternal grandma’s 92nd birthday, and if you follow my tweets you’d have seen some funny pics! :D

Now instead of doing a typical review for the Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet – Clarifying for normal to combination skin, I thought I’d try something different. Let me know what you think! :D

Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet
Got this cleansing foam for my combi skin,
Decided to use it on a whim,
Did a little ditty cos the words all rhyme,
I’ll start it off by saying it smells sublime!

 Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet
The mechanism itself is easy to use,
Just two pumps is sufficient - not too profuse,
You might think this cleansing foam’s a bit weak,
But it leaves my skin soft, clean AND without a squeak.

 Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet
Soap-free and enriched with moisturising ingredients,
My skin loves the inclusion of Orange, Rose and Narcissus,
And to brighten skin further and lock in the moisture,
I recommend you follow with Narcissus Extraordinary Water.

 Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet
The ingredient list is above for you ladies (and gents),
And never fear, Melvita uses organically farmed or responsibly picked ingredients,
What will I do once I’m done with this bottle?
Recycle of course, and head to Melvita on the double!

So there you have it, my purple prose,
I hope you didn’t find it too gross,
This was the first product I’ve tried from Melvita,
I’m kinda liking it, now what about you yeah? :D

Melvita Cleansing Foam Floral Bouquet retails at RM107 for a 125ml bottle, and is available at all Melvita outlets.

Rating: 4 / 5
Value: $

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At 9:51 am, March 06, 2012 , Anonymous xin said...

w000t! terror bee! love this new style and i quite like the soft foam of the cleanser too :D

At 1:39 pm, March 07, 2012 , Anonymous lyn said...

I love that poem, too cute ;-) I've never tried anything from Melvita yet because the last time I was invited to their launch, it was on a weekday. But it does look like they have quite a few nice products.

At 11:19 am, March 08, 2012 , Blogger toughcookie said...


At 5:41 pm, March 12, 2012 , Blogger beetrice said...

xin: won't be for all reviews la (quite tiring!), but me likey the foam as well. thanks babe ;)

lyn: thanks lyn, and time to burst that Melvita cherry! :D

toughcookee: definitely! :D


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