Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Fancy fish eggs on your nails?

Okay so I didn’t mean that quite literally, but that’s figuratively what you get with the Ciate Caviar manicure kits. :D

Ciate Caviar Manicure
Essentially, what you get is a bottle of polish together with a bottle of tiny spheres/ caviar/ fancy balls/ whatever you want to call them which you sprinkle on to your nails.

Looks interesting, no? The instructions look easy enough to follow, although I think I’d be pressing my nails into the bed trying to make doubly and triply sure they stay on!

There are three shades available, which are white, multicoloured and black (with purple highlights). And no, there’s no prize for guessing my favourite out of the three…it would just be too easy! You can read more about them on Kiss and Makeup here.

The Ciate Caviar manicure kits are due to be released sometime in April so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them then.

If not, maybe it really is time to pile caviar on my nails…they’d be tasty for sure! :P 

Can you see yourself trying something like this, or is it too fancy-schmancy for your liking?

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At 10:18 am, March 21, 2012 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

OH WOW! they look so unique but I don't think I can even survive overnight with this! :)

At 10:42 am, March 21, 2012 , Blogger plue said...

beady nails! though i don't think it'll survive any housechores :P maybe for a day out being tai tai is ok la

At 12:35 pm, March 21, 2012 , Anonymous Minted Magazine said...

That's so awesome!

Minted Magazine

At 1:24 pm, March 21, 2012 , Blogger Fie said...

By the end of the day, I'd be trying to pluck the beads out when I have nothing to do. Even then, it really depends on how much work I'd be doing that day.

Are you planning on getting them or shall I be the guinea pigg? :P

At 2:43 pm, March 21, 2012 , Anonymous xin said...

i think fish eggs nails are alright, but fish eggs lips???? it looks like kissing a bowl of fish eggs...ah bliss!

At 3:44 pm, March 21, 2012 , Anonymous dom said...

ah luv it! but it would be a very expensive, decadent treat for my nails.

At 8:13 pm, March 22, 2012 , Blogger beetrice said...

askmewhats: You'd be the one I'd say is most likely to try it Nikki! ;)

plue: Haha I'm sure we'd all like to be tai tais! Hmm...if I wore them would it make me one? :P

fie: Itchy fingers eh? Feel free to be a guinea pig, I think I'll have to wait till they actually come out to see what they're like ;)

xin: Eh fish eggs are delicious, would give you a reason to lick your lips right? :P

dom: Hehe, I think that was the intended reason for calling it "caviar" in the first place - a lot more decadent than "Hey, here's a fish egg manicure!" ;)

At 9:46 am, March 23, 2012 , Blogger toughcookie said...

gorgeous la... but not for me, though. i especially like the lips... but how la to carry the look??

At 10:56 am, March 28, 2012 , Anonymous Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful said...

Wow, very unique but I don't think I could survive long with it on my lips. I'd either end up eating it all or will keep picking at it till they are gone. *itchy fingers*

At 11:22 am, March 28, 2012 , Blogger beetrice said...

toughcookee: actually, I wondered if can stick those "100s and 1000s" on or not - then the hubs can call you Sweet Lips (literally!) :D

celeste: I agree it's not very practical but this is just one of those I think I'll have to try at least once to get it out of my system - will probably be all picked off within a couple of hours after doing the manicure! :P


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