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Pretty360 @ Singapore Shopping Centre – Lovely result, but I won't be going back…

Fresh from a manicure and pedicure from the Pretty360 salon, I just had to write about my experience I had with this salon before I forget the details. This is going to be a rather long wordy post, so consider yourself warned should you want to proceed!

I had bought a voucher for a classic manicure and pedicure with hand and foot mask back in June last year off, which I thought was a pretty good deal at SG$25. The transaction went through smoothly, but what ensued after though, was anything but smooth.

The fiasco started when I called to make an appointment in July – I’d bought the voucher in June and the expiry was in October, so there shouldn’t have been a problem finding an available slot, right?


When I called up, I was told that the three options I wanted were not available. After a lot of going back and forth and being ‘waitlisted’ several times, I finally got so exasperated that I asked for ‘any available slot on a Saturday (they’re closed on Sundays) or any weekday after 6pm between July and October. And the answer was NO!

So I asked the owner what I was supposed to do if there’s no available slots at all – she offered to extend my voucher expiry by a month to November, which was fine…until when I asked her the same question on availability and her answer was STILL no and suggested that I come over at 3pm on a working day (hello, the reason you have slots at 3pm is because most people have to work!)

After getting most frustrated with her, I finally insisted she give me a slot on a weekday at 7pm, didn’t matter when and extend my voucher to that date. She gave me a slot in January, only to call me three days before to ‘reschedule’ because she had overbooked.

FINALLY, I got a slot on 1st February (after almost 8 months!) and headed down to the place. To their credit, they sent me a reminder SMS the day before to confirm…but spelt my name wrong. Small matter.

After the standard registration where the staff insisted on speaking to me in Mandarin despite me addressing them in English, I sat down for my manicure and pedicure.

Straight off, the manicurist I had started pushing back my cuticles and trying to cut them. When I told her not to cut my cuticles (you should never ever cut your cuticles!), she shrugged and moved on to the next step.

To be fair, I did really like the manicure and pedicure service there – the manicurists were decent, they did a LOVELY job on my fingers and toes and they use Seche Vite as a top coat.

The part I didn’t like however, was what happened with an Indian lady seated next to me who had used a JuzToday promotion similar to the one I had. She pointed out that the conditions stated there was a foot scrub included, to which the manicurist said she would have to check with her boss.

With the receptionist table right next to the mani/pedi area, I heard the boss’ reply saying “tell her if she wants the scrub it’s SG$10 extra” in Mandarin, despite the manicurist pointing out that it was written clearly on her voucher.

When she replied the lady, the response was “Oh, there’s a typo on the voucher, we don't actually offer a scrub but if you want the scrub you’ll have to add SG$10. We already told the writer to change the error.” (err...isn't that statement contradictory in itself?)

For one, it was clearly written in the description as you can see above. And secondly, even if there was a typo error in the copy, they still should have honoured the voucher terms instead of trying to make her pay extra for it.

In my case, I had already given the voucher to them so I wasn’t in a position to ask for the scrub. However, when I went back and checked last night, it turns out that mine ALSO had the scrub listed in it (above) – and this was from a separate deal that was done in June 2011, while hers was just posted up on JuzToday. So what cockamamie is “we already told the writer” when you clearly didn’t?

The best part was, I noticed that there were only TWO chairs available for manicure/ pedicures. If you only have two slots available and are selling 105min manicure/ pedicure sessions, for goodness sake don’t bite off more than you can chew! When the deal on Streetdeal ended (seen in the first pic), they had sold 821 vouchers, and the JuzToday one had sold 220 when I checked it just now.

I actually did the math (yes, all for the sake of calculations!) so just have a look below:
Duration per mani/pedi – 105mins
Total opening time of salon per week – 3,780mins
No. of vouchers sold (using the Streetdeal example since it's already completed) – 821
Duration of promotion – approximately 18 weeks
Therefore, assuming that they did ALL the mani/pedis in pairs, back to back NON-STOP for the duration of the promotion timeframe, they would still need roughly 11.5 weeks to fulfil all 821 of the vouchers.

When you consider the reality of it, there is NO WAY they could have honoured all the vouchers within the time frame. Yet, they not only oversold the vouchers, but have also started another one with JuzToday that is poised to be a repeat of the last deal.

Plus, they purposely jacked up the price of their services in the promotion to make it sound like a better deal than it really was. After my session was over, they tried to sell me a package of 8 mani/pedi or gelish manicures at SG$360, which works out to SG$45 per session and NOT SG$91 as listed in their price. While I do understand that the package deal will definitely be cheaper than buying an individual mani & pedi, I have a hard time believing that they can easily offer packages at more than 50% off the original price.

So no, I will NOT be going back to Pretty360 even though the mani/pedi itself was good. It’s a pity, but I’d rather find a decent salon and pay a bit more than buy a package that I’m not sure when I’ll be able to use up considering the management and limited slots.

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At 4:13 pm, February 02, 2012 , Blogger erin wong said...


My session is tonight. Am SO gonna demand for the foot scrub. >=(

At 4:21 pm, February 02, 2012 , Anonymous xin said...

eeeep! i had a similar experience (stated in the voucher but wasnt given to me), already boycott all these deals!

At 4:56 pm, February 02, 2012 , Anonymous dom said...

I hope that Pretty360 picks up on this review soon. They need to realize that just because it's a voucher deal, they can skive you off just like that.

At 12:23 pm, February 03, 2012 , Blogger beetrice said...

erin: err...a moot point now since you signed up for a package? :P

xin: yeah I remember reading about your experience! :S I'm sticking to food and product deals from now on - service deals are too unpredictable!

dom: they're relatively new (opened early 2011 from what I saw online) so I can understand their need to drum up business, but it definitely wasn't nice of them to handle it like that.

At 8:21 am, February 18, 2012 , Anonymous Zack said...

They will sweet talk to you plus lure you to sign their packages and quickly take your card and process while you are waiting in the room. Sound like being slaughter.
It's true that they will anyhow Increase the price by so much that you think package is worth it BUT UNFORTUNATELY ,IT'S NOT God Damn It.
First time being Cheated...

At 6:28 am, February 25, 2012 , Anonymous Juliana said...

My experience is exactly like yours.

At 1:39 am, June 27, 2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read your post after doing a quick Google search on Pretty360. I bought a deal for IPL and I feel that they are not clear on their terms. Firstly, the ad states that that the IPL sessions were 'unlimited' - they are not as one can only go for a maximum of 12 sessions, whether you go monthly or bimonthly, and the deal lasts for only a year. Secondly, when I tried asking whether they meant twice a month, or once every two months (bimonthly can mean either), I was brusquely told that it would be up to them to decide (made an appointment a month later, but am still unclear on whether I can go for 2 sessions a month or not). Was dissatisfied on the whole as I was given a long sales pitch WHILE holding my arms up, exposing my underarms, and was annoyed by the fact that they did not shave prior to the procedure (it is standard protocol to do so) and by the silly reasons given (underarm hair is less than 3mm, upper lip hair is not that thick) URGH!

At 2:36 pm, July 12, 2012 , Anonymous sasa said...

I had bad experience with them too. I dunno why they just can't open on Sundays to facilitate more slots. Common sense that if they are targetting working women they would want non office hrs. I had a hard time getting my manicure appt too. And i really dislike the lady boss. She is quite shameless to hardsell! It's like if i got to wait months for a slot then why would i want to buy your package and go though that again. And when i rejected, she gave me the 'indignant to be defeated' look and asked 'why?' As though by default people should give in to her selling.

At 3:43 pm, August 22, 2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I also brought IPL with Pretty 360.
The funny thing is i have fixed an appointment with them on today. and yet the staff insisted that i booked tomorrow instead of today. And the person who fixed for me, is no longer in Pretty 360. I have signed Whitening package with them. Ladies, Please note that they charges different prices to everyone. I paid 598 for 6 times. My friend paid 488 for 8 times !!!! One of my friend worked there told me that the lady boss not good, just want the customer to upgrade their package. I heard that there is a new IPL machine coming, mentioning 3x for underarm , 10x for brazilian and Its confirmed the roots are dead. U believe? So, Dont ever sign up package with them again. If you brought it, just use it and go off.

At 11:37 am, August 29, 2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What to do!! We are all cheapskate people just only know how to buy cheap deals offline!
People! What do you expect from those dealers when we only KNOWS how to go for cheap stuffs!

At 1:58 pm, December 18, 2012 , Anonymous Julie said...

I would strongly advise not to buy anything from Pretty 360, even with some tempting discounted offer. there are dishonest people, who make business out of voucher deals but then refuse to honor fully the service or ask you to pay extra for it. my voucher indicated that the IPL was UNLIMITED, but then, actually it was limited to 12 sessions. the IPL machine was not performing, so if I really wanted to remove hair, I should pay extra for a machine that is really working. I hate to be fooled, and I will make sure that the world knows that those people are swindler until, they have to either stop their business or start giving honest services.

At 2:34 pm, July 19, 2013 , Blogger Hypatia said...

This place is horrible. We all should comment into their Facebook page. I too bought ipl package with them. And guess what. They were inconsistent in treatment and refused to admit that their machine is a little faulty. When the machine head was placed unto my skin it felt like she was putting burnt match sticks on me. And I always have involuntary reflex to jump. Guess what next. They did something smart. They put the machine head at a distance of 1 inch and made the shot. My goodness. Do they even know how ipl works? ? ? We should all go to their shop and make a hooha. They way they do their business is so much of cheat.

At 1:30 pm, September 30, 2013 , Blogger Mi Mi Han said...

Anyone knows the Pretty 360 owner's contact? Shop cheated me. I want to contact to owner. Thanks.

At 2:05 pm, September 30, 2013 , Blogger Mi Mi Han said...

to let know others about pretty 360 dishonest, please comment on their FB page: I commented on their FB, they deleted my comments and they block me in their page. They are so low-standard.

At 11:16 am, November 18, 2013 , Blogger Yvonne Wang said...

Omg! I just saw a deal pretty 360 posted on and thought of doing a search on the shop before buying it online..... But after seeing so many negative feedbacks there's no way I'm ever gonna step into that scary....

At 4:56 pm, November 23, 2013 , Blogger Yumi Chew said...

The story goes like this;

Bought their offer for IPL from deals.

Had my appointment booked for my 1st IPL Session with Pretty 360, today 12pm on 23/11/2013.

Went there and was examined.

The staff told me that my hair wasn't in a very good condition, thus suggested me to take a trial of another type of IPL (VPL) at the price of $188, then afterwhich, treatments will be better in the future.

I agreed to the trial and paid $188 on the spot.
After the trial, the staffs keep pushing me to buy their packages. Not mentioning anything about my next treatment from the voucher I bought.
I've rejected them 6 times, despite them continuing pushing their packages!

What's worse was, at the end I gave them $200 cash for the trial, they told me that their cash counter staff is not in, therefore doesn't have the key to open the safe box! And that they do not have enough cash to give me the change!

I requested them to get a change of notes from their neighbors, but was told that all their neighbors DON'T USE CASH AT ALL, AND ALL OF THEM ONLY USE NETS/CREDIT CARDS.

Hello!? what kind of answer is this? Doesn't have a $12 change at all?

I did not bring my cards therefore I paid in cash, this is what I told them.
Instead of giving me back the change from their own pocket, they demand me to top-up and additional of $16 for a voucher of nails treatment, because they have no change at all.

I topped-up the $16 just to shut them up, and wanting to leave ASAP.
I am already damn pissed off.
But this is not the end.
Receipt was written and pass it to me.
Before I left, I requested to have my voucher back as I have not used it.
To my horror, they told me NO, as they need it for recording purposes.
Hey! I paid a total of $216 just for the trial today, and the voucher was not even used!
And I can't get it back????

So, I had therefore paid $254 in total (trial + nail voucher + deal voucher).

I'm writing in to demand it back as this is way too unreasonable. Else, I'll sue the company for such cheats and unacceptable customer services!

As a customer, I believe every sales person must bear this in mind:
When you've tried your luck in selling your products to the customer 3 times and have already gotten 3 times rejections (regardless of any reason), you should stop it already. Your customer MIGHT come back after that.
But if you still continued despite all the rejections, you'll only get unhappy, unpleasant, pissed-off customer, AND back customer services in the end. NOT FORGETTING that your customer WILL NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!

I'm in sales line myself, as well.

At 10:40 am, May 12, 2014 , Blogger Mrs Ong said...

everybody beware!!! they have started another company named Slender matrix. Now angela seldom at pretty 360. This new company is at Wheelock place. She's at the new place to bring in new customers.Please don't get cheated by the same gang but different company. They always sell their super cheapskate package at various deal site and lure potential customers. Even their facebook page for pretty 360 seemed like gone with the wind. I think they closed it due to too many unfacvourable feedback. As a good company, I think that honest feedback from customers is very important for consumers.And they should reflect on their mistakes. By shutting down the facebook page, this only shows that they are trying to cover up their misdeeds. Shame on them. They do have facebook page for Slender matrix.

At 8:08 pm, June 02, 2014 , Blogger Sam Lee said...

Luckily saw this otherwise would hv been cheated. Thanks for the review on a deal site. That lady felt cheated after buying the voucher as she was told to top up $2000. Slender matrix was the one she patronized. So scary, open another salon to cheat. Delete away old Facebook page and create a new one now to nobody can see past terrible feedback.

At 7:48 pm, June 22, 2014 , Blogger Averal Lim said...

Please be warned that now Pretty 360 is holding deal vouchers under the name AP SPA at Dhoby Ghuat.

I signed up for their 3 hour spa package, but my partner and I were constantly asked to add on extras.

I was asked to add on a DNA Peeling facial for $28, but they charged me $128. When I said that I heard $28 (my partner heard that too) they said no, i agreed to $128 and there was three witness of their staff around me.

I am deeply upset by their ethical code of conduct, and I will be writing to groupon about their this fradulent merchant.

They are not supposed to call themselves AP Spa when they are delivering the service and invoice under PRETTY 350 PTE LTD.

I experienced this on today, 22 June 2014.

At 3:19 pm, July 08, 2014 , Blogger icing said...

Searching about AP Spa reviews and got into this blog. Thanks for posting, I am just tempted to buy the 3-hour spa... now i trash that thought out.
Thanks again Averal.

At 11:41 pm, July 10, 2015 , Blogger 打倒无良 said...

Today I almost wanted to buy facial cum massage sessions in from slender matrix.thanks to you. I stopped after reading above. I saw many ppls bought. Yes, last year I saw they using different name to sell nail service online. In HK I think there is a law protect their citizen get the services as what stated from merchant's advs. Not sure spore have such rules to protect online deal's consumer?

At 10:17 am, July 30, 2015 , Blogger kay Muk said...

Hi, please note that some say that Pretty 360 is also Slender Matrix at Wheelockplace.
The place is big!
But....there is some issues. I bought the 6 time offer from, ENSOGO, however, the offer was not kept to, no back treatment, etc. And when I questioned, ENSOGO about it, they refused to take responsibility and even gave the merchant my contacts. Since then, which was 3weeks ago, no one has called me, even after a follow up email from me and ENSOGO every few days.

No money is coming back, and I will be too busy for treatments very soon!

Please don't buy anymore deals from, ENSOGO, and don't buy from Slender Matrix (heard that it is impossible to make an appointment, unless it is one to three months ahead).


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