Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Getting Glittery Nails for Christmas with OPI The Muppets…

While doing some Christmas shopping near my place yesterday evening with Rinnah, we came across the huge OPI display (with testers!) at the local mall, and went a little nuts with The Muppets glitter polishes. The result?

Err…looks like glitter monsters threw up on my nails!

My favourites would have to be the four above (L-R) Gone Gonzo (blue glitter), Fresh Frog of Bel Air (green glitter), Divine Swine (purple glitter), Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It (red glitter). I wanted to try the multicoloured glitter one, but unfortunately the tester was all dried out.

What you see is OPI The Muppets on my nails…about 5 coats worth! :P The only ones that showed up almost immediately were those that were layered over a coloured base (namely on my thumb and little finger) but I reckon it would make for a pretty interesting (not to mention festive) look for Christmas, don’t you? :D

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At 10:41 pm, December 14, 2011 , Blogger lyn said...

Too cute! I think I may get Miss Piggy soon ;-) I'm so lovin' this collection!

At 11:25 am, December 15, 2011 , Anonymous dom said...

GLITTER MANIA! i like the blue one :)

At 9:18 pm, December 15, 2011 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

sho glittery! Very Christmas-appropriate indeed. I saw the Nikki Minaj Collection today and the colors are quite interesting! I'm itching...

At 10:13 am, December 16, 2011 , Blogger beetrice said...

lyn: I'm way tempted by Gone Gonzo, simply because it goes so well over other blue and green polishes..arrghh!! :P

dom: hehe that's my fave as well - and finally resorted to your foil method to get the glitter off!

connie: stop itching, you got Zoya polishes waiting! :P


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