Friday, 28 October 2011

Who's up for Violent Lips?

What a week…I spent Mon and Tues out on MC thanks to a fever, Wed was a public holiday in Singapore…and in the blink of an eye it’s already Friday, and I’m a few hours from hopping on a plane back to KL to attend the My Women Stuff Awards tomorrow! :D

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share something a bit more light-hearted that I spotted in Watsons earlier this week…

Can you guess what they are from just the name?

If you guessed some sort of lip plumper (like I did – think ‘getting punched in the mouth’ pouty lips? maybe? LOL…) you’d be wrong!

Violent Lips is actually a range of temporary lip tattoos that are supposed to create a statement. The creator is just 14 years old – Isabella Haddad. (Gee, and to think I was only starting to discover makeup for myself at fourteen…eeps!)

L-R: Pink Giraffe, Pink Polka, Pink Cheetah, Red Zebra and Pink Hello

L-R: Pink Glitteratti, Gold Glitteratti, Silver Glitteratti, Red Fishnet, Leopard, Zebra and Pink XOXO

These are the options available in Singapore for now, but believe me, these are quite tame compared to their full range available online!

Can’t imagine what it would look like on you? LOL…well, neither could my 'model' (who chose to remain nameless…)

There’s even a step by step video to show you how to apply Violent Lips – from what I saw, it’s actually similar to the temporary tattoos I used to like applying as a kid, where you ‘sponge’ them on to your hands and legs with water and clean off with baby oil. :D

Each pack contains 3 applications and can supposedly last up to 8 hours, but at SG$19.90 per pack, I reckon they came out just in time to ride on the Halloween novelty factor. Would you give it a go just for fun? I just might...

On that, have an awesome weekend ahead and Happy Halloween in advance! :D

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At 12:10 pm, October 28, 2011 , Anonymous xin said...

ooh it looks fun! i saw the review on MyMakeupMania's blog. but i'd be a waste of me if i had no halloween or any sort of parties to go *rolls eyes*

At 12:30 pm, October 28, 2011 , Blogger beetrice said...

xin: got MWS Awards! leopard prinz? ;)

At 7:04 pm, October 28, 2011 , Blogger lyn said...

What a coincidence... I was browsing around youtube and came across a video on Violent Lips too :-) It certainly looks like fun! I didn't realise the creator is so young too... Gosh, I really admire such entrepreneur skills.

At 6:53 am, October 29, 2011 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

It certainly looks better than the "instant eyeshadow". But it's not something I'd go far. I can imagine myself over-trimming and wasting the whole pack :p

At 2:08 pm, October 31, 2011 , Anonymous dom said...

wow watsons singapore is bringing in the big guns. thought this was also stocked in sephora US? anyhoo i likey, despite the faddish-ness of this.

btw your word verification for my comment was: faterlia. what?

At 6:57 pm, October 31, 2011 , Blogger beetrice said...

lyn: yeah, I was barely discovering makeup at that age...then again, they're maturing horrifyingly early nowadays too..

connie: haha I'd probably end up doing the same thing! :D

dom: LOL at the word verification! :P I'd be game to try it solely for the curiousity, but the price...*choke*

At 5:09 pm, November 01, 2011 , Blogger Marina said...

Wow, the names freaks me out already! LOL ... they sell EVERYTHING in SG huh? Sorry lah, I won't try this especially at S19.90, rather stick to good old lipstick and lipgloss la :P

At 6:28 pm, November 02, 2011 , Blogger beetrice said...

marina: but you can't draw patterns or words on your lips with lipgloss right? :P but admittedly, here probably got bigger market for these kind of things..


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