Friday, 30 September 2011

NOTD: Glitter tips for the weekend…

I’m not typically a nails sort of gal, but after seeing the amazing creations ladies like Nikki and Xin come up with week after week, and having a bit of spare time yesterday evening – you know what they say about itchy fingers… :P

This is what you end up with! Of course, there were a few ‘trial and error’ sessions prior to settling for this, since I had originally thought the base colour was too light. But after trying out the glitter tips with other hues I had on hand, this combination grew on me.

These are the products I ended up using – Missha WH02, OPI ‘Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore’ (what a name!) and Sally Hansen Double Duty. Given my skills (or lack thereof!) in all things nails and polish related, the less products and fuss, all the better! :D

I started off with a coat of the Sally Hansen Double Duty, which functions both as a base and top coat. Since coming across this some years back, I’ve never looked at any other base or top coat the same way again, because this stuff is the BOMB! Keeps my nails from staining (unless the polish is SERIOUSLY harsh), and looks awesome on its own. No surprise that I’ve got two bottles with me in Singapore, and one more back in KL eh?

This was followed by two coats of OPI’s ‘Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore’, which I can only imagine is meant to mimic a salmon-ish shade? OPI has some of the oddest names I’ve come across for their shades, but in my own description, it’s a lovely rosy-peachy-pink (okay, my naming skills aren’t that fab either!) that works great with my skin tone.

Once the two coats of OPI polish dried a bit, it was time for Missha WH02 to shine. I have no idea why they have to label their polishes only by code name, which seems a shame, since this is a gorgeous silvery glitter polish. I prefer finer glitter compared to the chunky ones you typically see, so this suited me to a ‘T’.

Two coats of this just on the tips of my nails (and I didn’t even have to be exact – yay for klutzy people like me!), left to dry for a minute, one more coat of Double Duty to seal in the layers, and I was done! The rest of the evening was spent trying not to muck up my nails (as I inevitably end up doing more often than not!)

Here’s a closer look at my nails – and yay, they’re still intact!

Oh, and it’s already Friday! Yay! Time to kick back and enjoy the weekend…I’ll definitely be having fun, since some bloggie ladies will be making their way into Singapore for the weekend, plus a special bloggie guest all the way from the Philippines will be arriving on Sunday – can you guess who? :D

(Hint: She’s probably the reason I need to make sure my nails don’t look all grotty and unkempt before I see her!)

Figured it out yet? If not…you’ll just have to wait and see! Enjoy the weekend ladies!

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At 6:04 pm, September 30, 2011 , Anonymous Tine said...


(yes this comment deserves all caps due to crazy excitement and envy)

At 3:55 pm, October 03, 2011 , Blogger beetrice said... know it! :D piccie time next post!


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