Tuesday, 14 December 2010

MAC & Marcel Wanders…

This December, MAC has collaborated with Dutch industrial designer Marcel Wanders to create a lovely MAC & Marcel Wanders design-centric collection. Seriously, nevermind the product itself, just look at the structural designs! :D

Items in the MAC & Marcel Wanders collection include False Black Lashes, Lipstick (Martha, Gesina, Catharina and Digna), Lip Gloss (Mary, Beatrix, Aleydis and Gertruyd), Sheer Mystery Powder (Light Medium and Medium Plus), Air of Style Concentrate (solid perfume), Brush Clutch and Brush.

The Limited Edition MAC & Marcel Wanders Air of Style Concentrate has to be my favourite out of the lot – the faceted metal compact-style pendant is just drool-worthy, even without the perfume! :D I dunno about you but that has me chomping at the bit, despite me not being much of a MAC fan (honestly, I only have a couple of their eyeshadows, a couple of mini-lipglasses which were given to me, and I JUST picked up my first MAC lipstick ever!)

They’re available this month onwards at MAC stores, although no idea on the pricing yet though. I wouldn’t mind having that Air of Style Concentrate to hang on my Christmas tree though…any takers? :p

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