Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jumping on the brushy bandwagon…

Happened to come across something I haven’t seen in Malaysia yet, but still looking oddly familiar…

Notice the bristles? Yup, it’s Garnier’s new Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash – another addition to facial washes with accompanying brushes like the L’Oreal Perfect Clean I’d spotted last month.

I have to admit, this one piqued my interest more than the Perfect Clean as I already had an individual scrublet from Daiso...these are more…tentacle-y? Haha…

Instead of a detachable brush or scrubby, the bristles are actually built into the design of the bottle (err…not unlike those shoe polish cans with the yellow plastic brush on top…ok, mustn’t think of it like that)

Been using it for about a week now and am having mixed feelings about it, but not enough to make up my mind about it just yet. Full review of this will be coming up once I’ve really gotten my paws into it, but if anyone’s tried it out so far, do share your thoughts! :D

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