Sunday, 19 December 2010

Day 7: 12 Days of Christmas with I Nuovi Giveaway…

How's everyone doing so far? Hope you've all been having a good time with the giveaway! I did a massive load of damage along Orchard yesterday - for those following me on Twitter, you'd have seen some of the pictures and err...status updates? Haha...anyway, the shopping continues today, so if you're still trying to score one of the Lip Polishes just scroll on down - there's another 5 more up for grabs! :)

Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas with I Nuovi, and just because I'm feeling pretty happy today…today’s question is:

Q. What's the ONE thing you want this Christmas?
(No right or wrong answer, it's another one of those "because I feel like it" questions...heehee...)

Pick your favourite shade from the ones above! If you’d like to check it out beforehand, they can be found (along with the rest of I Nuovi’s range) at selected SASA, Parkson, Jusco and Metrojaya outlets.

As usual, the entry details are below:

1. Become a I Nuovi Professional Facebook fan.
2. Pick the Lip Polish shade that you like from the 12 available above.
3. Leave me a comment on the day’s blog post – you’ll need to include (a)your Facebook ID, (b)your email address, (c)the lip polish shade you’d like to receive and, (d) the answer to the day’s question.

Example: Hi, my FB ID is Beetrice, I’d like the Wolfberry shade and today’s answer is Rudolph! My email address is beetricesreviews[at]gmail[dot]com.

1. This giveaway is only open to readers with a Malaysian mailing address. Sorry international readers, you’ll get a chance next time, kay?
2. One entry/comment per person please. However, you’re entitled to one entry per day for the 12 days if you’re not the winner. Be nice and let everyone have a fair chance, okay?
3. Keep it clean and spam-free. Comments with SEO terms, advertising links, derogatory terms and such will be deleted and disqualified.
4. Anyone can enter regardless of whether you’ve won anything here previously.
5. Please make sure the email in your comment is valid, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you even if you win. Incomplete entries will also be disqualified.
6. Winners will be notified via email. If I do not get a response within two days, I will select another winner. Prizes will be sent out by I Nuovi directly.

Closing dates for this giveaway is at 11.59pm on the given day, Malaysian time (GMT +8.00), after which all comments will be tabulated. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

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At 11:08 am, December 19, 2010 , Blogger thian said...

FB ID: Shin Thian
I love the Honey lip polish!
The answer to today's question is Honey Lip Polish. lol

At 1:51 pm, December 19, 2010 , Anonymous Sabrina said...

FB ID: Sabrina
email: xsabrina.ab[at]
Shade: Geranium
Answer: An address in London! :D

At 1:57 pm, December 19, 2010 , Anonymous Steph said...

Hi Beetrice,

My details for today:

FB ID : Stephanie Lau
ANSWER : An all expense paid trip around the world!

At 2:01 pm, December 19, 2010 , Blogger electronicfly said...

(a)Eefei Toh
(d)for my family members to be all good again. Grandpa's not well, grandma just broke her arm, and sis is still stuck on crutches :(

At 3:09 pm, December 19, 2010 , Blogger dreamer said...

fb id: leong quinie
shade: clove
answer: I want to see my old friends

At 3:59 pm, December 19, 2010 , Blogger J said...

FB id: Jessica Lai
Email: jess8718(at)gmail(dot)com
Shade: Geranium
Answer: Iphone 4

At 4:48 pm, December 19, 2010 , Blogger Isabel said...

FB ID : Isabel Lee Ying Jee
Email :
Shade : Tulip
Answer : There isn't really anything physical I want. But I hope Christmas will be happy and merry for everyone (and my Bf's mom likes her present lol)

At 8:38 pm, December 19, 2010 , Anonymous Ee Laine said...

Hi Beetrice,

My FB ID is Ee Laine. I’d like the Cinammon(31007) shade and today’s answer is : a boyfriend :P. My email address is homeypau[at]gmail[dot]com.
Thank you!

At 10:32 pm, December 19, 2010 , Anonymous Phaik Kin said...

Hello Beetrice.

My Facebook ID: Phaik Kin
My e-mail address:

I'd like the Vanilla (31005) shade and today's answer is : for my mother to be strong and healthy!

Thank you.

At 11:48 pm, December 19, 2010 , Anonymous Kim Fah said...

Hi Beetrice,

FB ID: Kim Fah
Email: Kimfah[at]gmail[dot]com
Shade: Tulip 31011
Answer: One thing I want for Christmas is Health for everybody! :)


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