Monday, 8 November 2010

Spotted – L’Oreal Perfect Clean in Watsons Singapore…

When L’Oreal first came out with the Go 360° Clean in the US some time back, I was intrigued by the cute pop-out scrublet simply because it was a nice novelty. Truth be told, I actually preferred the clean lines of the bottles above to the variant that came out in the UK and Australia below:

The range is called by a different name – Perfect Clean – but it’s not difficult to see the similarities between the two ranges. After all, the colour similarities and scrublet are pretty dead giveaways. As usual, products like these tend to take ages to trickle down to this part of the world, but last week while browsing at Watsons, I spotted these in a little display…

L’Oreal has brought in three variants of the Perfect Clean into Singapore. The blue foaming gel wash isn’t available, but instead there’s another white variant that’s supposed to combat pimples instead. They’re retailing at SG$14.90 each, which is rather pricey for a drugstore facial wash or scrub, but if the online hype is to be believed they’re pretty good.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or tried it already? Am wondering whether I should go try it out or not, especially since I’d be interested to see how the scrublet fares against a little Daiso purchase I made a while back… :D

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At 10:11 pm, November 08, 2010 , Anonymous xin said...

looks so cute!!!! pls try! I wanna know how it works!

At 9:56 am, November 11, 2010 , Blogger Shortcake said...

Try it Bee! Looks cute indeed :P Love the concept of the attached scrubber but yeah a tad pricey I would say.

At 2:43 am, November 30, 2010 , Anonymous sukie said...


I have tried it and it is indeed quite good! I have both the Foaming gel Wash and the Foaming Gentle Scrub and the Scrublet is rather soft and really helps cleanse your skin without leaving it feeling tight after!

Hope that helps but do try it! =)

At 6:02 pm, November 30, 2010 , Anonymous May said...

I've tried the refreshing one and it feels really clean! Am thinking of getting the exfoliating one for deep pore cleansing! Plus, I'm planning to buy it now at Watsons to earn 20 bonus points due to their Christmas promo!!!


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