Thursday, 18 November 2010

On a rollercoaster week and fantabulous friends…

Hey ladies! If you’re wondering where I disappeared to the past week or so, I’ve simply been trying to catch up on everything. Work has been absolutely packed end to end – and the rest of November looks set to be a real busy time... :s

But work aside, I also took some time out to celebrate my birthday over the past week – another year closer to the 3-0, but heck, it’s a good time to step back and reflect on the year gone by (before we get to the actual New Year resolutions).

For some odd reason, all my birthday confections were cupcakes this year...the top one was made by my mum (from scratch of course, my moomia luvs me), while the ones at the bottom were given by colleagues.

Sadly, I couldn’t spend my birthday at home (and spent it at work instead...), but the weekends before and after made up for it. I had some friends over for dinner the first week, and the next weekend was spent with these lovely ladies...

See some familiar faces? :) It was a good few hours of unrestrained chatter and awesome company. I may have gotten to know you all through your beauty blogs, but since then we’ve come so much further than being just ‘blogger pals’. You ladies are just awesome! *hugz*

Of course, that’s not to discount the fact that we’re all completely mad hatters over makeup as well...hehe...these sessions just beg for products to be raved or lambasted and passed around the table.

Yet another reason (as if I needed more reasons!) to love these ladies – I got well and truly spoilt by them. I'd love them even without all this, but who doesn't like opening presents? :p Mind you, this is just PART of the birthday still wondering where the heck I’m going to find space for them in my tiny space in Singapore but I don’t care, they’re coming back with me!

I love all the items I got this year, but among them there’s one particular one I’m loving to bits – these one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal earrings from none other than Tine. My jaw simply dropped when I saw them...the picture doesn’t do it justice as it was taken with my iPhone, but the colours are phenomenal, and they just look...*dreamy sigh*’s got my colleagues asking where to get them, but for now they’re mine aitelyu! MINE!

And erm...*cough cough*...I decided to pick out a couple of “birthday presents” for myself as well...

The Christmas sets have arrived at the Changi Duty Free and I was looking to pick up a new bottle of my signature Dior Addict II fragrance so this was a no-brainer. For the price of the bottle, I got a Dior pouch as well as a perfumed shimmer body lotion. Score!

The second present shall remain a little bit of a mystery for’s my first actual purchase from Givenchy, and I’m simply giddy over it. All I’ll say is that the colour is absolutely FABULOUS and I’m bracing myself to ‘de-virginise’ it...LOL!

Not a bad birthday at all I reckon...what’s more, since I couldn’t celebrate my birthday proper, a friend brought me out for a surprise yesterday since it was a public holiday. Guess where we went?

Those who’ve known me will know I’m a total CSI Las Vegas fan, so this was the perfect birthday surprise. The Singapore Science Centre is a pretty great place to check out for kids and adults alike!

Now, back to our regular programming schedule...I’ll do my best not to drop off the radar any more, promise! :D

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At 11:26 am, November 19, 2010 , Anonymous milktea said...

I only recognize Yani, Paris B, and Connie. For the others, I'm sure I've read their blogs but can't put a name to the face. :-)

Nice seeing you all together though.


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