Thursday, 21 October 2010

Benefit Christmas Collection 2010…

While going through my emails yesterday I came across the new Benefit 2010 Holiday/ Christmas Collection, so I thought I’d share it with you all…some of them are really pretty! :D

Beauty Wonderland (US$49) – contains some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker, sugarbomb blush and BADgal mascara.

Some Beauty to Love (£29.50) – contains CORALista blush, eye bright instant eye brightener, BADgal lash mascara and “that gal” brightening face primer.

The Fab Lane (US$49) – contains hoola bronzing powder, BADgal lash mascara and “that gal” face brightening primer.

Beauty Be-Bop (US$60) – contains some kind-a gorgeous lite the foundation faker (best suited to fair complexions), high beam luminescent complexion enhancer and ultra shines in back to the fuschia lip shine.

Her Name was Glowla (US$36) – contains CORALista blush, high beam luminescent complexion enhancer, moon beam iridescent complexion enhancer, 5-shade eyeshadow palette, BADgal lash mascara, life on the A list lip gloss and a fluff shadow/ hard angle brush.

Shimmer Shimmer Shake (£27) – contains 3 shimmer powders (only 2 shown above) of mint julep (golden turquoise), miss moon (white gold) and ruby-doo (plum pizzazz)

All You Need is Gloss (US$26) – contains 3 double-ended wands in 6 shades: I’m with the band (golden pink shimmer), almost famous (copper penny), life on the A list (bubble gum pink), who are you wearing (passion fruit pink), back to the fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia), 24k (sexy gold); World’s Best Mascara (US$29) – contains BADgal lash mascara and BADgal plum mascara.

Powder Time Lover (£25) – contains CORALista, dallas and dandelion face powders in a box together with a brush.

Did anyone notice that the Powder Time Lover looks suspiciously familiar? It actually reminds me of the Benefit Powder Pop which I picked up at the Benefit warehouse sale early last year! The only difference between Powder Pop and Powder Time Lover is that they’ve replaced Hoola with CORALista which I reckon is a much nicer and popular shade. :D

No idea yet as to whether these beauties will be making their way to Malaysia or Singapore, but they’re already available online. As always, international shipping on the Benefit website is free for orders over US$115 so if you make a bulk order with some friends, it’s definitely more worth it since locally the prices are rather expensive. You can check out Benefit's entire holiday collection here.

Did anything catch your eye? :D

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At 6:00 pm, October 21, 2010 , Blogger Eli said...

And I was just musing this morning if they were going to reissue a Powder-Pop lookalike this year!

Nothing particularly eye-catching for me since I already have a Powder Pop. Would gladly exchange it for Powder Time Lover though as I hardly ever use Hoola.

At 6:30 pm, October 21, 2010 , Blogger beetrice said...

eli: yeah, me too! :D my hoola is largely untouched, simply because the shade just makes my skin look 'dirty'...sigh...

At 9:44 am, October 22, 2010 , Anonymous rinnah said...

Her Name Was Glowla looks pretty nice... but I don't need it... *resolutely clicks away from website*

At 3:51 pm, October 22, 2010 , Blogger Kahani said...

I thought the international shipping offer was NOT available for Asia?

At 4:44 pm, October 22, 2010 , Blogger beetrice said...

rinnah: you've got stronger willpower than me then! :p

kahani: I've ordered stuff off the US site several times, never had any problems. What made you think it wasn't available for Asia?


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