Monday, 14 June 2010

Beetrice’s Reviews turns 3 – with a couple of giveaways!

It may be Monday, but I’m definitely not feeling blue – just came back from a weekend trip back home for a friend’s wedding, plus I’ve got some great stuff in store for all you ladies. :)

Trivia: Did you know Beetrice’s Reviews turned 3 last month?

Yup, it’s true...this site is already three years old – gosh, where did the time go? It’s been a lot of fun, best of all getting to meet a lovely group of bloggers that has been rather bad for the wallet (we're so bad/good in egging each other on in shopping!) but oh-so-good for the soul.

It’s also led to me meeting some really nice brand people (well...and a few not so nice, but we shan’t focus on that part). Thanks to one of those brands, I have not one, but two giveaways to celebrate the site’s 3rd blogoversary, and the first one will be coming up after this post!

What started out as a hobby a some years back has gone further than I thought it would go – I started blogging on a personal site some 6 years back, and the reviews site came about after I realised my review posts were even more frequent than my personal posts...LOL...

But enough about that, let’s get on to the good stuff shall we? *wheeee*



At 1:26 am, June 15, 2010 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

wooohooo!! congrats on the blog turning three! :D


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