Thursday, 7 January 2010

Two magazines, two views – who’s right?

I thought I’d share something amusing that I saw a while back…just take a look at the following pictures:

Weekly InTouch

Weekly Life & Style

Both of them happened to feature Kate Walsh and Miranda Kerr in a red-and-purple Stella McCartney number for their “Who Carries It Off Better” segments in almost similar poses (Miranda’s is the same in both) – but that's the only similarity as the opinions for both magazines differ.

InTouch touted Kate Walsh for picking gold peep-toe platforms and a Neil Lane platinum fringe necklace over Miranda Kerr’s nude heels, while in turn Life & Style picked Miranda Kerr instead…for using a push-up bra. Funny how focusing on two different areas generated different responses even though both ladies honestly already look pretty fab to begin with?

Personally, I thought it was Kate’s posture that played a part in the Life & Style pic, but it really just goes to show that perception of beauty and style are really subjective innit?

That said, does that mean I can wander around in a holey T-shirt and dingy shorts then? That’s style too right? (maybe not – I’d be seriously testing some limits with that if worn in public!) Who did you think looked better? :D

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At 11:17 am, January 08, 2010 , Anonymous Vivien said...

First impression, miranda kerr, prob she stand straight, whereas kate walsh slouching her shoulder

At 11:16 am, January 15, 2010 , Blogger beetrice said...

vivien: posture-wise I totally agree with you, personally I thought Kate Walsh did a better job accessorising... :D


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