Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kérastase Biotic Concentré Bio-Recharge…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve realised that I’d been experiencing a fair amount of hair loss as well as a mildly itchy scalp despite no changes to my haircare range. It was then that I remembered that I’d gotten a box of the Kérastase Biotic Concentré Bio-Recharge to try a few months back but had never gotten around to it as I felt my hair was doing fine at the time.

This is no time to play around when the crowning glory’s at stake – I promptly dug it out and dug straight in! I will be henceforth referring to it as Bio-Recharge Concentrate as it really is a mouthful!

Kérastase Biotic Concentré Bio-Recharge is a concentrated reactivating and rebalancing programme for the scalp and its natural defences. The concentrate hydrates and rebalances the scalp’s hydrolipidic film, purifies oily roots, nourishes the hair, instantly soothes itching and discomfort and provides an immediate refreshing sensation. Contains 5% Bioflorine to rebalance and reactivate the scalp’s micro flora, and glycerol to sooth the scalp. Rinse-out formula.

The Verdict:
When I first opened the Bio-Recharge Concentrate box, I thought it was just another 3-minute treatment conditioner and should be used as such. However, after doing a little bit of digging around, I found out that you’re actually meant to apply it to freshly washed, towel-dried hair (not to sopping wet hair as you’d normally have after washing!)

Each tube is just nice for one application (I have fine but almost waist-length hair) and the concentrate should be applied directly onto the scalp section by section until the tube is used up. Take note that this will take a fair bit of time, so don’t plan it for the days you’re in a rush! :D

After massaging, I usually leave it for the full five minutes and use the time to attack my soles with a pumice scrub (hey, I have to stay in the bathroom for that time so might as well get soft soles out of it too right?) before adding some water to my scalp. This emulsifies the concentrate and I work the emulsion down the hair shaft before rinsing off.

Immediately after rinsing, I found that my hair felt a little coarser than normal, but after drying my hair was actually softer than before. No more itchy scalp too, so I guess the concentrate did its job well. :) The hair loss is more or less now under control, although I’d be a lot happier if it were completely solved! But hey, there’s another 3 tubes to be used up (the recommended use is once a week) so there’s a way more to go, and I’m pretty happy with the results so far.

Price-wise, the Bio-Recharge Concentrate is not exactly budget pocket-friendly but it is cheaper than salon treatments. After all, it was meant to be an At-Home Programme so you’re basically getting the salon results at home.

Kérastase Biotic Concentré Bio-Recharge comes in a box of 5 x 15ml and is available at L’Oreal salons. Alternatively, you can also get it on StrawberryNET for USD66.50 (MYR228)

Rating: 4 / 5
Value: $

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At 1:27 pm, January 28, 2010 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

*sigh* perfect timing, one product I'm meaning to purchase is a hair treatment from Kerastase, my hair is dry at the moment and I want to treat it with TLC, but its just sooo pricey hehehe

At 7:24 am, January 29, 2010 , Anonymous rinnah said...

This sounds good! I also didn't change my haircare routine at all but I've been experiencing some hair loss lately and from dry, my scalp has gone oily! :(

At 9:00 am, January 29, 2010 , Anonymous xin said...

i am also experiencing hair loss :( although this is abit ouchy, but this is definitely alot better than yun nam 101 right...

At 1:36 pm, February 02, 2010 , Anonymous Adrianna said...

You may want to try Nioxin for hairloss.I find it controls hairloss to a certain degree for me

At 4:57 am, August 25, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a guy and have short hair, so am able to do about 5-7 applications per tube. Just stick the tube in a zip-lock bag.

At 11:35 am, August 25, 2010 , Blogger beetrice said...

askmewhats: I guess we all can splurge a little sometimes! :)

rinnah: Mine is a complicated thing - oily, but can get dandruff also when I'm stressed out...oh the horror!

xin: your shorter haircut now looks awesome! :) dun like those haircare salons, one time at that Trichokare was more than enough!

adrianna: thanks! my hairdresser actually passed me the hair masque to try - no major results yet, but let's see what happens.

anonymous: darn, you guys with short hair get more for your buck, that's for sure. you like the effects? :)

At 11:13 pm, September 07, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

helo beetrice...i've got the same problem as urs. I've read through alot of bloggers with the same problem too.. I guess in Msia there isn't any hair loss treatment salon nam / svenson which can really do a good job. Alot of them has the same bad experience.

But I found out thru that hairloss need to be treated properly thru specialist (like a doc). Why not go to a clinic? I'll be heading to a clinic which my sis went before. According to her, the lady doc is very nice + she does have special shampoo for hair loss etc. And she's also a member / among the panel doc in :)


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