Monday, 4 January 2010

Hello 2010!!

2010 is finally upon us, and rather than make a long list of resolutions that personally I’ll probably never be able to keep I’ve decided to round it up into three encompassing categories to focus on this year… :D Yes, I'm a little late with this, but I absolutely refused to tie myself to the computer over the long weekend and instead spent time with family and friends.

1. DE-stress

This is pretty obvious – I realized that I’d been pretty stressed out the whole of last year…partly external forces, but partly because of the way I handle things too. So this year, I’m going to take out more blocks of “me” time to just stop and recharge. That would include some nice pampering sessions, so if you’d like to tag along let me know! :)

Of course, part of the stress always revolves around money (who doesn’t have money issues? PLEASE let me know, I’d love to get some tips from you!) but this year hopefully with the new financial plan (sounds fancy, but really it’s just “forced savings”…LOL!) I will be able to whip my spending into shape and who knows, maybe even have enough left over to go on a few excursions with the girls too eh? *winks*

2. DE-clutter
This will be THE YEAR for me to declutter…and it’s not just restricted to stuff. It’s high time I’ve streamlined my life and ‘pruned’ out all the dead branches, so to speak. Things that I’ve been keeping around for sentimental (but to be honest, it's sometimes more SEMI-MENTAL than sentimental!) reasons, junk, duplicates, stuff that I’ve been keeping out of habit but have no real use, pre-loved stuff…right down to perhaps even some contacts from years gone by. It sounds terrible when I say it like that, but really, some people in my past are meant to be just that – in my past.

As for stuff, I think that’s pretty obvious…I’ve got WAY too much for someone occupying a room (my mother swears I could furnish an entire house with what I’ve got stashed in my room) and by sifting through, chucking the junk and sending some pre-loved stuff to new loving homes, I’ll be able to find space for some new items and maybe get a few nice ‘organising’ posts out of it in the process? :D First on the list is my sorely neglected dressing table – it has been a complete disgrace ever since everything got haphazardly and unceremoniously swept into a box when the house painting and renovations started, and believe it or not, I’ve been using everything out of the box and chucking it back in for the past month or so!! *oh the shame*

3. DE-sensitize

I’ve always had a problem with two things – worrying too much about what people think about me, and tearing into new and pretty stuff. The second one is a big bad thing for me, cos new products end up sitting there thanks to me not being able to bring myself to desecrate the pretty surfaces and patterns (Clarins’ Nude Inspiration palette would be a good example...the wheat pattern was so pretty I couldn't bring myself to use it!) but NO MORE – this year, I’m just going to close my eyes and dig into them…yeahhh!! I’ve already dug into quite a few in the past week, so bring it on!

As for worrying about what people think, I think this will sum up the underlying theme for me this year…

And that, ladies, is the ribbon on 2010! Did any of the rest of you make any clear resolutions? I saw resolutions by some of the other bloggers, and they’re all admirable but for me, I think this will work rather nicely. Happy New Year folks!


At 2:55 pm, January 04, 2010 , Blogger Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Oooh de-stressing. I am in dire need of de-stressing sessions in 2010 too :P

At 4:09 pm, January 04, 2010 , Anonymous Paris B said...

I like your resolutions :) I'm game for 1 and 3 and as for 2 its an on going process for me. More so with CNY round the corner!

At 5:00 pm, January 04, 2010 , Blogger plue said...

yay for 1,2,3! :D

let's hope i'll be able to achieve them :)

i hope u and pb will too! :D

At 9:18 am, January 05, 2010 , Anonymous xin said...

LOL @ #2. I do the same things omg! and also, when i take my clothes back from the laundry, I don't really bother hanging them up already. I just dig from the plastic bag, then dump the dirty ones into plastic again. LOL

At 9:43 am, January 05, 2010 , Blogger Jenn said...

I like your resolutions!! Sounds like what i needed too!! :D

And oh, the jump pic is too adorable!! :D

At 7:24 pm, January 05, 2010 , Blogger Tiny Tapir said...

hey beetrice. your list sounds like a good one - one i definitely need to follow too! Wishing you and beetrice's reviews all the best for 2010, Li

At 9:01 pm, January 05, 2010 , Anonymous rinnah said...

Love your 3 categories cos its what I need to do too! Let's ganbatte for Year 2010 and Project 10! *wink*

At 11:08 am, January 15, 2010 , Blogger beetrice said...

stephanie/yukaeshi: a girl can never have enough of it right? ;)

parisb: bring it on! :D looks like it's shaping up to be a good year so far, yeah?

plue: hoping too!! :D ganbatte to all..hehe..

xin: eeks...ok, then I know what to get you for this year liao! :p

jenn: thanks! I liked yours too...let's hope we get through them, yeah? ;)

tiny tapir: thanks li, hoping to drop by and see you soon! :) have a good year ahead too!

rinnah: ermm...I think we have to scale down the terms for project 10 la, but why not?? :D *wheee*


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