Friday, 4 December 2009

The Body Shop Limited Edition 2009 Seasonal Delights…

How’s everyone’s Friday going? It’s a pretty good start to the weekend since I’d been feeling a little down the past couple of days, but hopefully it’s gonna be a good couple of days. :) Anyway, the next range I wanted to highlight this time is the limited edition Seasonal Delights from The Body Shop…ooolala...or is it “faalala”? :D

There are three new ranges in store for the holiday season namely Merry Cranberry, Black Velvet Apricot and Nutmeg & Vanilla. I know Syen’s got a thing for the Nutmeg & Vanilla, but personally I liked the Merry Cranberry range…smells yummers enough to bring on the turkey!

Merry Cranberry – in shades of cranberry (what else?) red…can’t get any more Christmassy than this! A personal favourite from this range is the lip balm – glossy, a hint of shimmer and delish! (*psst*...I already picked one up!)

Black Velvet Apricot – the motif on the packaging gave me a rather gothic feel, but the smell is anything but.

Nutmeg & Vanilla – the sweetest smelling of the lot. I didn’t particularly like the smell of this, but then again I’m not a big fan of strong vanilla in general…you may like it (Syen definitely does!).

Coffret sets for Seasonal Delights are already available in stores, plus there are various in-store promotions going on concurrently so you may just be able to get a good deal on them. Another item you might want to check out is the two-tone large bath lily (or pouf) which is a dream to use. I got a red one which is sitting in my bathroom now…first thing that comes to mind when I see it is “soo kewwt!” (I can feel you all cringing as you read this…LOL!)

The only problem I can find with the range (particularly with the Black Velvet Apricot and Nutmeg & Vanilla) is that they have rather strong, distinctive scents that could potentially clash with or overpower any other fragrances…which is why I chose to go with the lipbalm and bath lily.

Have a good weekend, peeps! :D

Coming up: Gift sets from Estee Lauder, Origins, Bobbi Brown and La Mer.

You can follow the 2009 Christmas collections lineup here. :)

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At 4:03 pm, December 05, 2009 , Blogger Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE Merry Cranberry! It's soooooooooo yummy!

At 10:20 am, December 07, 2009 , Anonymous xin said...

awww bee you r so kewttt *pinch pinch*

i saw TBS eyepalette in the mag, looks nice also lah. *hits myself with another eyeshadow pan*

At 5:43 pm, December 07, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

jamilla camel: yay! fellow cranberry lover! :D

xin: eeeks...the palette's rather pretty, but i've got way too much makeup at the moment! :s

At 9:37 am, December 08, 2009 , Anonymous xin said...

yesterday i passed by TBS and popped in to check, damn i love the vanilla!!! :(

At 3:21 pm, December 11, 2009 , Blogger Syen said...

OH YES. Syen definitely has a thing going for the Vanilla. =P



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