Tuesday, 10 November 2009

L’Occitane 2009 Holiday Limited Edition…

L’Occitane has released four new scents for their 2009 Holiday Limited Edition to put you in the right mood to celebrate the holidays (and we should be too, with all the 3-day weekends coming up!) There’s Candied Rose, Shea Vanilla, Sweet Cherry and Delicious Almond, all of which have their own range of complementing products.

Candied Rose was created after the crystallized rose petals that were served at festive celebrations in Provence. The scent is reminiscent of rose petals, with a hint of sweet and fruity accents…perfect for those who like a girlie touch.
Eau de toilette (75ml) – RM175
Body Cream (200ml) – RM156
Bath Powder (250g) – RM106
Scented Candle (200g) – RM107
Bath Soap (50g) – RM19

Shea nuts and vanilla are combined to create the soft subtle scent of Shea Vanilla…it’s said this combination is so appealing that men will find it hard to resist! (hmmm…I may just have to try this out and let you know!)
Body Cream (200ml) – RM156
Bath Soap (50g) – RM19

Cherries in one hand, Sugar in the other…fruity and zesty mix, no? Well, that’s what Sweet Cherry is…a little bit of naughty with the nice! :D
Body Cream (200ml) – RM156)
Milky Bath (300ml) – RM93
Scented Candle (200g) – RM107
Bath Soap (50g) – RM19

Almond and sugar are combined to make marzipan…oops, wait, I meant Delicious Almond… :D If you like almonds, you’ll definitely fall for this scent.
Foaming Bath (500ml) – RM110
Scented Candle (200g) – RM107

Officially, all of the ranges above will be available from 1st December onwards, but do keep an eye out for them as they could be released earlier. Which one do you have your eye on? :D

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At 6:02 pm, November 10, 2009 , Blogger plue said...

cherries and candied rose soap!
the rest too expensive!
cheapo me :P

At 6:52 pm, November 10, 2009 , Blogger ms.iu said...

oohh i want Sweet Cherry milky bath...huhuuh..but Delicious Almond also sound good..

At 12:00 pm, November 11, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

plue: hahaha...sometimes better to spend a bit more to get nicer stuff la.. :D

ms.iu: LOL...they sound delicious rite? will be in store frm end Nov onwards according to the pple at the Midvalley store! :D


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