Thursday, 8 October 2009

Silkygirl Silky White Lightening 2-Way Foundation...

Hands up for cheap and good products! :D When Silkygirl was first launched in Malaysia as a new home-grown brand, I was rather sceptical about the products wondering whether they’d work well despite their uncanny resemblance to many of Wet n’ Wild’s range (right down to the spokesperson they used, since Paula Malai Ali was formerly a Wet n’ Wild ambassador) However, there are some gems to be found in the midst of these products, one of which is the Silky White Lightening 2-Way Foundation.

Silkygirl Silky White Lightening 2-Way Foundation is specially formulated with lightening ingredients, Vitamin E and SPF 15 to protect your skin from UVA and UVB. Provides long-wearing coverage and a matte silky finish which doesn’t look dry or cakey. Apply dry for light and natural coverage, or dampen sponge to use wet for medium coverage. Oil-free and fragrance-free.

The Verdict:
Being a fan of 2-way foundation (it saves me heaps of time in the morning when I’m rushing!), I’ve tried a fair few so far. The shade I have for the Silky White Lightening 2-Way Foundation is #04 – Sand (I’ve also tried #03 – Medium previously). The compact comes in a sleek white case with a generous mirror and space for a sponge. The foundation gives a matte finish with reasonable medium coverage (full if you use it wet, which I don’t have a need for) and works particularly well for people with oily skin (hello!) since it can help with absorption of excess oil. Those that have dry skin may find this a tad chalky on their skin, though this is somewhat to be expected since the Silkygirl line was derived for younger (hence by association more oil-prone) skin.

The best part though, is that despite having oily skin, when applying this foundation I don’t have to worry when photos are taken as it seems to ‘float’ on top of the oil (does that make sense?) and doesn’t show through on photos. Despite the evidence of oil on the blotter when I blot after a few hours, in photos I simply look dewy...*love*...and at the price, gosh, it’s not going to break my (already broken many times over) piggybank. I’ve gone through about three of these already, so you can imagine how much I love it! :D

Silkygirl Silky White Lightening 2-Way Foundation retails at RM26.90 for a 10g compact and is available at all Silkygirl counters and major personal care stores.

Rating: 4 / 5
Value: $$$

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At 5:53 pm, October 08, 2009 , Blogger @DdY said...

agreed! the mirror is huge enough for me to apply powder. but some might have trouble finding suitable shades since they only offer 4 shades.

At 6:29 pm, October 08, 2009 , Blogger Kahani said...

Tee hee! Very well written dear! So the shade I passed you is good?

At 6:47 pm, October 08, 2009 , Blogger LyNn said...

i agree with kahani!
nicely written
thanks for reviewing :)

At 10:52 pm, October 08, 2009 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

I love it when home grown brands can come up with products that are really good! :) If I have the chance to visit KL, I'll definitely take a look at the brand!

At 9:10 am, October 09, 2009 , Blogger ~mrs.amy ~ said...

me love it too...:))
been using it since couple of years back & will continue using it;)

At 1:57 pm, October 09, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

@Ddy: *love* the mirror - although I thought I saw more than 4 shades for this...I could've been mistaken, have to check.

kahani: LOL...I realised I can actually use both Medium and Sand, although Sand is probably a more exact match. :D thanks!!

LyNn: thank you! :)

askmewhats: oh just you wait - when you DO get to KL, you won't be able to leave! heehee...

~mrs.amy~: glad you like it too! :)

At 12:38 am, October 14, 2009 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

I should definitely look into this!

At 4:50 pm, October 17, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

have been using this for a few years.... love it... will not look into others :) everyone should try!


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