Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Choobs Trinkets – baubles, trinkets and stuff like that!

I would have liked to have gone into a little repartee about how I went shopping online and remembered hearing about this family-run site selling baubles and such, but I think the title pretty much says it all! :D To cut to the chase, this arrived for me yesterday…

A couple of weeks ago, I had gone browsing through the Choobs website and fallen in love with a piece of jewelry (I swear, online shopping is hazardous to your bank account!) although I wasn’t too sure if the length would fit my wrist, so I wrote to the people behind Choobs to ask if they could make it a bit longer.

Lo and behold, they happily agreed and gave me the details to bank in payment. The agreement was that the trinket would be sent 7-10 working days after payment was made. Close enough – the trinket arrived at my doorstep safe and sound last night by Poslaju. The time taken was 11 days in total, although to be fair I suspect the delay was due to my paying by cheque rather than direct transfer (adding in clearing time for the cheque and all)

Choobs has absolutely gorgeous packaging for their products, which is great since you can just order something off the site for a friend and have it delivered to their doorstep without having to wrap it yourself (and saving cost on double postage to boot!) It came packed in a plastic ziplock bag and placed in an organza bag, which was then slipped in a paper envelope, sealed and mailed off in a bubble-wrap Poslaju envelope. How’s that for presentation? :)

And voila! This is what I got – no surprise that I picked Purple Haven given my penchant for the aubergine hue eh? *wink* heck, I even have an email address similar to the name of this…if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is! :D

As it turns out, I found out that Choobs was being run by a friend from my college/university days, together with her sister and mom…small world? :) But regardless, I’ll definitely be back for more…now if I could only make up my mind over which ones I like more…*decisions decisions*…

(click on the logo above to go to the Choobs site – WARNING: viewer may be tempted to buy everything on the site! locking wallet in drawer and dropping key down drain may stave off desire temporarily)

Rinnah’s also felt the love at Choobs – jump here for her take.

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At 3:59 pm, October 06, 2009 , Anonymous Paris B said...

Yikes! I resisted when Rinnah posted. Now I shall resist! *refrains from clicking on website... and fails miserably*

At 10:15 am, October 07, 2009 , Anonymous prettybeautiful said...

goodness bee! now i fell in love with the copper affair. GOSH!!! HOW???

At 8:53 pm, October 07, 2009 , Anonymous rinnah said...

Yay! Pretty pretty! And I just knew it was going to be purple in color. LOL.

Seeing this post of yours makes me want another one!

At 1:05 pm, October 09, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

parisb: heehee...no you shan't!! :D

prettybeautiful: why are you asking me? heck, I want to buy up their entire stock! LOL...

rinnah: a bit the obvious hor my choice? :p go go...another chance to show off a pretty bauble!

At 10:55 pm, October 12, 2009 , Blogger choobs said...

Hi Girls!

Thank you so so so very much for all the love! :)

Am going to blog my long overdue post soon to thank all of you for your reviews :)

Looking to have a tea-party soonish, just deciding when and where. Hope you guys will be able to make it!

And psssstt...pop by soon ok? hehehe :)

Hwee Yen, mum & sis @ Choobs!


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