Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sneak Peek: Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous…

Which girl hasn’t wanted to be simply fabulous? I think the three lines below from the contest page says it all…

Live The Dream With Simply Fabulous
10 Contestants. 1 Winner.
One Step Closer To Stardom.

Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous is an online reality TV show in collaboration with 8TV where 10 Malaysian girls were selected out of the many hopefuls to stand a chance to win the grand prize of RM10,000 in sponsorship towards their dream, a free trip to New York (and just in time for New York’s Fashion Week too!) as well as other prizes making up a total of RM50,000.

Not bad eh? Well, a group of bloggers were invited for a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at the first webisode of Simply Fabulous which will be aired on 8TV’s website, so here’s a little peek to whet your appetite before the series starts later this month.

Diamond aren’t a girl’s best friend…makeup is!

The girls will all have to get through a series of challenges in their bid to win – nothing ever comes free right? :D But let’s just say the first episode is sure to be real interesting…

After all, with only ONE grand prize up for grabs competition is going to be fierce. Everyone wants to be the Simply Fabulous winner, but I reckon all the finalists have done an admirable job just getting into the top 10. What happens next remains to be seen though – put a group of girls together and a NYC trip up for grabs and I’m sure you can figure it out! (heck, I’d fight them tooth and nail for a trip to NYC!)

One of the contestants really stood out among the others during the first challenge…but no, I’m not going to tell you who and why…when you find out, keep that info…you never know when you might need it to win something (hint hint!)

I like the fact that the finalists aren’t the typical “long hair, long legs, super skinny” model-esque types. All of them are different and stand out in their own way – short, tall, skinny, athletic, multi-racial, different sizes, different features – it’s nice to know that some brands still believe that beauty can come in many forms, and not just fit into a pre-conceived mould.

So, are you interested to see what the show is all about yet? The profile webisodes for each finalist are already up on 8TV’s website, and the rest of the schedule for Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous is as follows:

28 Sept – 3 Oct: Webisodes 1-6
5 – 10 Oct: Webisodes 7-12
12 – 17 Oct: Webisodes 13-18
14 Oct: Finale Event (winner announcement)
18 Oct: Finale broadcast on 8TV

There will be something Simply Fabulous (teehee!) in store for readers in conjunction with Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous, so stay tuned for it! You can also join the Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous Facebook page for more info and updates as well.

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At 2:57 pm, September 09, 2009 , Blogger Kahani said...

"long hair long legs super skinny" *goes and hides under blanket*

At 5:03 pm, September 16, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

kahani: aiyah, you know what I mean!! *throttles Kahani* LOL...


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