Sunday, 27 September 2009

Maybelline Angelfit Blush in Strawberry...

When I’m in a hurry (typically that’s most mornings!), I tend to throw anything and everything into my bag in a bid to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared. This also extends to my makeup – thankfully I’ve always got a small pouch with all the essentials on hand for quick touch-ups on the go, and believe you me, this pouch has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion! Suffice to say, the contents of the pouch would have to be those that have been tried and tested (I try to save new items for the more leisurely days in case it all goes wrong) and one of the items in this arsenal is the Maybelline Angelfit Blush in Strawberry.

Luminous cheek blush that naturally brightens up and sculpts your face. Contains radiant pearls and pure colour pigments that diffuse light and highlight your natural complexion with luminous colour. Ultra-blendable refined powders which fit perfectly to your skin. Expert brush that enables quick and easy application. Dermatologist tested.

The Verdict:
Strawberry is a pink shade with some shimmer – think Strawberry Shortcake pink, if your memory permits. :) The part I like about this is the brush with angled bristles which makes it easy to contour under my cheekbones on days I’m feeling rather “face-shapeless” (I think you ladies get what I’m trying to say!). There’s a tiny mirror hidden under the brush, but I wouldn’t suggest using it unless you have no other alternative as it’s seriously small.

The colour itself looks great on my cheeks, and brightens up my entire face. I usually opt to have two light swipes of it on and just below my cheekbones for a very subtle glow, and darken it slightly for evening use. The lasting power of this blush is pretty decent as well. Once, when I was trying to fix some overdone dark eye makeup done by some mad sales assistant, I swiped a little bit of the blush on my eyelids (I wouldn’t recommend this for all, but hey, I was feeling rather desperate at the time since I was rushing to meet some friends and couldn’t go home to wash it off) and it actually brightened the flat dark brown shade to something a little lighter and added enough shimmer to soften the look – it worked out to be a shade close to dark burgundy-brown which worked a lot better than the scary ‘I-forgot-to-take-off-my-sh*t-coloured-eye-mask’ look I’d been given. At less than RM30 a pop this is really quite affordable too, so there’s not much wrong with it other than the tiny mirror. :)

You can also read Paris’ take on the blush here, while swatches of the four colours are available on Lipglosseater’s site.

Maybelline Angelfit Blush is available in 4 shades and retails at RM29.90 each.

Rating: 4 / 5
Value: $$

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