Thursday, 10 September 2009

EOTD: Stage Eyeshadow & Revlon Matte Kohl Eyeliner…

After raving about Stage’s eyeshadow mono ‘Waterfall’ in my last post, I remembered that I’d taken some shots of myself using it a couple of days back when I went out for a movie (unrelated note: go and watch The Ugly Truth! It’s awesome!!). The shots were quite bad because of the dim lighting and I was forced to use flash, but I guess these are a couple of the more decent ones to show you what I’m talking about…

I used Revlon’s Matte Kohl Eyeliner in Midnight Blue along my lashes, and topped it off with Stage Waterfall (yes, only one shade since blue is a colour that’s way too easy to overdo…at least in my case!)

The gold flecks I mentioned previously are reflected more obviously in this picture, so you can see why I love the two tone effect…*heart*...any thoughts? :D

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At 1:31 am, September 11, 2009 , Blogger . j a n e . said...

I still can't find the revlon matte blush :(

At 5:13 pm, September 16, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

.jane.: really? I've seen them in the MV Sasa and the Guardian in 1U..maybe you can try those places?


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