Saturday, 4 July 2009

Random Saturday thoughts…

So how’s everyone doing so far? I just thought I’d share some random thoughts on things that don’t qualify for posts on their own…hehe…

Lint rollers are the most important things a pet owner can have! I love my dogs to bits, but having a golden-coloured dog has its perils on dark coloured clothing. One of the good ones I’ve tried so far is the 3M mini lint roller which can be gotten at most major petstores for RM3.90 or so. Each one has 30 adhesive layers which is great for removing pet hair or any other bits of lint...*love*

Crabtree & Evelyn recently sent out their Summer promotions, including a request to update VIP membership details. In return, they’re actually giving out a 25g Gardeners Hand Recovery upon completion of the details. I’m already in love with their La Source Hand Recovery and Hand Therapy, so let’s see if their Gardeners Hand Recovery is just as good... :)

By the way, if you drop by the Center Court area in Midvalley, look out for Kiehl’s promotional booth...they’ve got a pretty cute gimmick going on.

They actually had two people as part of the display in the cube, holding up funny signs – and if you whip out your camera, they’ll happily pose...LOL...

Last but not least, if you’re a pet owner do check out the Pet World Expo at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre which is running until tomorrow (5 July). They’ve got some great stuff on display, and you’re allowed to bring your pets (you’ll have to bring them up via the loading dock area to Pet World though) There are also animals for adoption there, so do have a look and enjoy the weekend!! :D



At 10:54 pm, July 04, 2009 , Blogger ms.iu said...

hahahha i saw them at Kiehl's today..hahaha so cute lah!!


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