Thursday, 16 July 2009

Back from Rainforest World Music Festival!! :)

Woohoo!! I got back from Kuching on Monday, but have been quite KOed for the past few days from lack of sleep during the Festival…oh but what a time… :D

I’m so totally hooked on this band called AkashA at the moment – local KL band, but simply AWESOME music! It poured the first night of the festival, but other than that the weather was quite sunny and clear.

Great company (albeit with some seriously LOUD snorers in the group!!) and plenty of hilarious moments…heck, I’m already looking forward to next year!

We stayed at the Permai Rainforest Resort, which was advertised as a mere 10 minute walk from the Sarawak Cultural Village (where the festival was held) and sneakily enough, it was – from the ENTRANCE of the resort to the cultural village! Getting from the entrance to our cabins was another 15-20mins walk! LOL…suffice to say, I got PLENTY of walking during those five days. We actually calculated that we had probably walked a total of 30-odd kilometers during those few days! However, with views like this from the beach, how to complain?

Since we had some time in the morning on the last day before the coach arrived to take us to the airport, we decided to indulge in a few ‘air’ shots…talk about action hor…hehe…

Surprisingly, I didn’t actually go anywhere else outside the Cultural Village area and the resort, apart from the ride to and from the airport…quite sad right? Next time I really have to spend a couple more days to actually see Kuching city, not to mention try the famous Sarawak mee kolok!

Okay, now that the raving about Sarawak is done, back to our regular programming! :D How has everyone been while I was gone?

PS: Authentic Sarawak Laksa is AWESOME stuff! Hehe…if you have the chance, you really should try it! Shucks, just thinking about it has me drooling…yum yum!


At 2:26 pm, July 17, 2009 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

hah! you can jump so high!!! wow, that's a really huge crowd. Glad you had a swell time :D

At 6:57 pm, July 17, 2009 , Anonymous Traclyn Yeoh said...

I think I saw you in LCCT on Thursday? I saw a glimpse of you but wasn't sure about it. I was at the rainforest too but just for the last day. Almost put me into sleep in the mid.

At 12:11 pm, July 20, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

connie de alwis: yeah, it was a huge crowd, especially the 2nd night. we had to take quite a few tries to get the picture to work! :D

traclyn yeoh: hehe...where did you see me? next time come say hi! :D the finale for the rainforest festival was a bit of a letdown lor cos of the sound system, but otherwise good. :)

At 2:09 pm, July 20, 2009 , Blogger Shortcake said...

Looks like alot of FUN u lucky girl :)

At 10:49 pm, July 26, 2009 , Anonymous Traclyn Yeoh said...

I saw you at Mc Donalds but I wasn't sure if it's you...Yeah, rainforest this year was a little disappointing. I was yawning in the mid of it :P Thanks to the last group to make it more happening

At 9:51 am, March 09, 2010 , Anonymous Sandy said...

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