Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Westin KL…

One of the rare perks of working in the industry that I do is that on occasion, I get to stay overnight in hotels. Trust me, it’s not really a big perk since the implication of staying in a hotel means that we had to work extraordinarily late AND wake up really early for an event the next day.

However, one of the places that I really enjoy staying at (even if it’s just a few hours) is The Westin. They have absolutely lovely rooms and amenities, which never fails to bring on the “I wish I could stay here” pangs.

The main reason for this? The Heavenly Bed…there’s been plenty of hype about it, and it’s all true. 10 layers of serious comfort – the fluffy pillows, luxurious sheets, the mattress that just molds to your shape…oh, I could go on and on and on…there’s just layers and layers of pure indulgence there! Apparently, so many people have raved so much about this bed that you can actually purchase one for your own home if you want to. The price doesn’t come cheap though…if I’m not mistaken, the bed costs somewhere in the region of a cool RM20,000!!

Of course, the luxury at the Westin isn’t only limited to the bed…they’ve also managed to work in a small but perfectly designed bathroom, which is another weakness of mine. The doors were also uniquely designed to resemble those of a closet – it’s like walking into a “walk-in bathroom”, if that makes sense…

I love bathtubs…there’s just something so decadent about being able to relax in a tub with plenty of bubbles and some aromatherapy candles…the point was to leave totally relaxed, right? LOL…

There’s plenty of space for you to put all your things on the counter…and that cute apple-shaped thing is actually a container for facial cotton. Spare towels are also stored in the bathroom in a built-in cubby below the sink, which spares you having to call room service.

They even managed to squeeze in a shower stall into the small bathroom. The thing that I really like about it is because all the elements of the bathroom have been fitted in without making it feel cramped. I actually still have space to move around, which is great.

As far as prices go, you get what you pay for. Undoubtedly, The Westin is a five star hotel, which means that its rooms and services also come at a premium. However, if you can afford it you’d be hard pressed to not want to come back for more once you’ve tried it…I know I would – anyone want to sponsor me? LOL…prices start upwards of RM400 per night.

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Value: $$
(you definitely get what you pay for)

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At 8:58 am, May 25, 2009 , Anonymous Shuu said...

the room sure looks cozy.. o0 No wonder the bed is so comfy if it costs that much!

At 9:40 am, May 25, 2009 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

such a relaxing post, I want to go home and crawl to bed Bee! I hate mondays! :(

At 3:04 pm, May 25, 2009 , Anonymous xin said...

hmmm i stayed in westin once, by the time i checked in at 2.30pm, i opened the room door and to my horror they did not even clean the room!!! everything was in a mess! =/ then waited for anothr 30 mins for them to clean. then only later i regretted for not making a fuss and demand a presidential suite or something. stupid me


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