Sunday, 10 May 2009

Beetrice’s Reviews Blogoversary Giveaway!!

Hello ladies!! Enjoying your Sunday? It’s about to get a whole lot better… :)

I won’t keep you in suspense, so…without further ado…on to the giveaway! After some thought, I decided that since Beetrice’s Reviews is turning TWO, there will be two sets up for grabs – take your pick!


Sponsored Items:
Skinspa Active Skin Therapy and Sparkleliner, courtesy of inuovi
Jelly Beans Lip Palette, courtesy of Beautilicious

Items from Me:
Silk Naturals Solid Perfume Wand in Fresh
Makeup Store Microshadow in Rodeo
Amuse Magic Lip Gloss
Silk Naturals Sheer Blush in Lovelace
Silk Naturals Eye Colour in Riviera
The Body Shop Sparkle Roller Ball
Cherry Culture Cherry Lip Gloss
Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
LA Colours Lip Gloss in Ruby
NYX Girls Polish in Golden Glitter
Stage Luxury Powder Puff

SET TWO – FOR EVERYONE! (Yup, this is open to international readers too!)

Sponsored Items:
Alyssa Palette and Glossy Jams Lip Gloss in Pureberry Jam, courtesy of Beautilicious
Cheek Color in Snapdragon, courtesy of Stage Cosmetics

Items from Me:
Silk Naturals Solid Perfume Wand in Raspberry Gingerale
Silk Naturals Sheer Bronze in Tahiti Sweetie
Silk Naturals Sheer Blush in Climax
LA Colours Lip Colour Trio
Inuovi Eyepaint in Sahara
NYX Long Lip Pencil in Coffee
Bloop Travel Brush Set

So, have I gotten you stoked yet? LOL…read on for the entry details!

  1. Subscriber to my feed via email or in a feed reader. You can do this by entering your email in the box on the right side of the page and clicking “Subscribe”. Please note that you have to verify your subscription (a confirmation notice will be sent to your email), or it won’t be activated.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post with the following details:
  • tell me where you’re from
  • which set you’d like to win
  • answer a simple question: “How old is Beetrice’s Reviews?” (Hint: The answer is somewhere in this post)
  • anything else you want to say – what you like, what you would like to see, anything!
  • your email address for me to contact you

Sample: “I’m from ***, I’d like to win Set #2 and Beetrice’s Reviews is **. I love the site! (the last bit is optional…obviously I love my site, but you get the general idea…*grins*). My email is ****.

See? Easy peasy! :)

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Please indicate clearly which set you’d like to win, and read the details above carefully. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  2. One comment per person please. Be nice and let everyone have a fair chance, okay?
  3. Please play nice – keep it clean and spam-free. Comments with advertising links and such will be deleted.
  4. This giveaway is open to ALL readers subject to the respective categories of the sets, and anyone can enter regardless of whether you’ve won anything here previously.
  5. Winners for each set will be selected at random. I will be notifying the winners via email, so please keep an eye on your email. If I do not get a response within two days, I will select another winner.

Bonus Entry:
If you have a blog, you can obtain an additional entry by linking to this blog post on your site. No need for a full post on it, just a link and passing mention is fine. Please email me the link to the relevant post (together with the name you made your original comment with – so that I know who gets the extra entry!) to beetricesreviews [at] gmail [dot] com. Easy enough for an additional entry yes? :)

Closing Date:
Closing date for this giveaway is 11.59pm on 20 May 2009 Malaysian time (GMT +8.00), after which all comments will be tabulated. The winner for each category will be selected at random and announced shortly thereafter.

Of course, even if you’re not participating (although you’re most nicely encouraged to!) do feel free to spread the word. Let’s spread the love a bit, shall we? Thanks a lot, and good luck!



At 8:36 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger Shobe said...

hi! im from phillippines,and i would like to win the set no.2,beatrice's review is turning 2,thanks for making this contest youre such a nice blogger love your email

At 8:55 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger Lavender said...

Hi Beetrice,

I am Pauline Tan from Petaling Jaya. I would like to win set # 1. Beetrice's Reviews has just turned 2 on 7 May 09. Congratulations!
I have been following your reviews since last year and I personally think that your blog is very interesting and informative. Your writing is clear and I like all your posts especially on your struggles on weight issues. You have come a long way and I wish you all the best. Look forward to read your future reviews! My e-mail add is and

At 9:13 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger Paris B said...

Paris from KL - not taking part but just here to say that its been an awesome 2 years (and more!) and you've been super generous! :D

At 9:16 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger LyNn said...

“I’m Lynn from Subang Jaya, I’d like to win Set #2 and Beetrice’s Reviews is 2 years old. CONGRATS! Hope to stand here one day too. I love the site (honestly I do). Your site is on my blogroll so I can update myself as soon as you update your blog :P. Love your reviews too. My email is

At 9:23 pm, May 10, 2009 , Anonymous Traclyn Yeoh said...

Hello Beetrice! It's Traclyn here, from KL. I would love love to win Set #2 and Beetrice's Reviews just turn two on the 7th May. Congratulations again! I love your site that's why I have subscribe earlier even before this giveaway. You love your website as much as I love mine too. Another one, thanks for the awesome and fab giveaway.

My email is

At 9:32 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger MOMFOREVERANDEVER said...

hello sandy from USA entering for 2 and just turned two..congrats!

At 9:50 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger DeBi said...

I am Debbie Avila from the Philippines. I would love to win set #2. Beetrice Reviews turned 2 last May 7th. I've been a quiet reader of your blog for quite sometime now. I love reading your thoughts.
Anyways, congrats!!!

my email is
(by the way, i reposted your contest in my blog...)

At 10:43 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger kathy55439 said...

Hello I am Kathy from Iowa USA, your review turned 2 Way to Go, I would like set one, this is my first visit but like it so far.....

my e-mail is

At 10:49 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger Jessie said...

Congrats Bea, you've turned 2 while I gave up some time last year -_-

I’m from MY, I’d like to win Set 1 and Beetrice’s Reviews has turned 2!

At 11:23 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger Crystal Gan said...

I'm from KL, and I'd like to win set 2 and Beetrice's Reviews is 2 this year. I enjoy reading your site because most of the items you review are accessible to me and they're useful! =)

email =

At 11:28 pm, May 10, 2009 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

ohhh!! so many goodies! I is not entering. give other ppl chance la kan? :p Happy 2 years! :D And many more to come!

At 12:36 am, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Ida said...

Hi there :) I'm Ida from the Philippines, and hope to win set #2. Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old. Congrats on your blog birthday! Your dog is totally totally adorable. Am looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

my email is
good luck to everyone!

At 1:42 am, May 11, 2009 , Blogger micaela6955/Michele P. said...

Hi! My name is Michele and I am from Maine, in the USA. You are celebrating 2 years of blogging (congrats on your milestone by the way!) Since I am international, I would love Set 2. This is my first visit to your site, but I have subscribed in Google reader-so I will be back :) enjoy your weekend!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

At 1:47 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous Jessica W said...

Hey there!!

I'm from good ol' KL and I'm really really hoping to win set one from u (fingers crossed!!).

Beetrice's Reviews has turned 2 years old and congrats on turning 2! Would love to see more reviews and lil' tips in the future...

My email's

At 2:22 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous vina said...

Hey Beetrice...

I'm Vina from KL...i realy realy realy(=>) would like to win set number 1..Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old..U r one of my fav beauty blogger n i luv ur blog..i read it without fail everyday..My email is

At 2:28 am, May 11, 2009 , Blogger theotherworldly said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 7:09 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous Tine said...

Hi hi, I'm Tine, and I'm from Malaysia, but living in Melbourne. Beetrice's Reviews is now TWO. Whee! Nepotism be damned, I'm entering :P :P

I'd like set #2 please, just 'cause I can't opt for the first one :P

Keep the fab reviews coming, babes.

At 7:31 am, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Kimberly said...

Hi, I'm from Indiana, USA. Your beautiful blog is now two. I'm so happy I discovered it a few mnths. back, the reviews are fantastic! I's love to win the gorgeous selections in set No. 2

At 9:05 am, May 11, 2009 , Blogger melvel said...

Hi, I'm Mel from Manila, Philippines! Congratulations on your blog's 2nd anniversary!

I really like the format of your blog, very easy to read. I hope you'd feature more nail stuff in the future.

I'm only eligible for the 2nd set, so that's what I'd like to win. My email address is melvel AT gmail DOT com.

At 9:28 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous Kat C. said...

I subscribed! Happy bloggiversary Bee!

I'm Kat, from Manila, Philippines. I just subscribed, and I'd like to win set #2 =)

katch05 at gmail dot com

At 9:40 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous serena said...

Hi, serena from kl and i'd love set 1! Congrats on your blogs 2nd anniversary! here's hoping for more fabulous reviews and updates to come! =)

At 10:42 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous bedimpled215 said...

I’m Em from manila, phils. I’d like to win Set #2 and Beetrice’s Reviews is two! I love the site for it's honest reviews and great finds. my email is

At 11:27 am, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous CJ said...

I am CJ from Petaling Jaya. I would like to win set # 1. Beetrice's Reviews has just turned 2. Congratz!

Look forward to read your future reviews! My e-mail add is

At 12:16 pm, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous Mrs K said...

Hi Beetrice!
I’m from KL,and I’d like to win Set #2. Beetrice’s Reviews is 2!!Without fail i read your blog everyday!Very informative!More reviews please!My email is

Thnks for the great giveaway!
Good luck to all!!

At 12:29 pm, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Cyndi said...

I’m Cyndi from Kuala Lumpur, I’d like to win Set #1 and Beetrice’s Reviews is 2 years old. Congratulations and I hope you can keep up your good work! My emial address is

At 3:58 pm, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Nikki said...

Hi hi Beetrice,

"I’m Nikki from Malaysia, I’d like to win Set #1 and Beetrice’s Reviews is TWO (2). I love the site as you have such great reviews! Keep them coming!! I visit this place at least once a day! My email is

At 4:29 pm, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous Serene said...

Happy birthday to Beetrice's are 2...and you've have make it..congrats.

I’m Serene from Malaysia, I’d like to win Set #1 and Beetrice’s Reviews is 2 years old.

Your review is excellent and I admire the way you've make the reviews so lively and honest. Keep it on....

My email is

At 6:42 pm, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Coco said...

I’m from Greece, I’d like to win Set #2. and Beetrice’s Reviews is 2 :)
Congratulations on turning two and thanks for the giveaway! I really enjoy reading your blog xx

ilikecoconuts00 [at] gmail [dot] com

At 7:45 pm, May 11, 2009 , Anonymous Shuu said...

Hi, I'm Shuang from PJ =)
I'd like to win set 2 and Beetrice's Reviews is 2! :D Congratulations Bee! I've been reading your blog for almost a year and totally love your posts :D
My email address:

At 8:23 pm, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Jessica said...

hey beetrice,

I'm Jessica Chen from PJ, M'sia.
Would love set #2 from you.
Your blog has just turned 2 on May 7 09. I've been reading your blog for almost half a year and it's been great to have such informative reviews from you.
Keep up your good work.

Thanks for organizing this giveaway. :)


At 8:24 pm, May 11, 2009 , Blogger Jessica said...

oops, forgot to include my email add. It's

At 12:32 am, May 12, 2009 , Blogger Jessica said...

Hi I'm Jessica from Winchester, VA. Beetrice's Reviews just turned 2 on May 9 (yay for you)! I would like to win set number 2. This is my first time reading your blog and I really enjoyed it. I subscribed to your feed and will definitely be following along. I'm in the process of trying to get my own blog up after reading so many blogs for about a year now.
Thanks for the great contest and I look forward to your future reviews

At 5:52 am, May 12, 2009 , Blogger Carrie M said...

I’m from Vancouver, Washington, I would love to win Set #2 and Beetrice’s Reviews is celebrating its 2nd birthday!

At 9:42 am, May 12, 2009 , Blogger Sharon said...

Hi I am from Buford, Georgia (USA) beetrice reviews will turn 2 and I love you blog and great insight. Thanks for the giveaway

sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

At 10:13 am, May 12, 2009 , Anonymous Kimberley Ng said...

Hey! I'm Kimberley from Singapore and I'd love to win set #2. Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old this year! Yay =) Please continue the hard work, I love reading your reviews. Thanks for the contest!

wattzupgarl [at] gmail [dot] com

At 11:18 am, May 12, 2009 , Anonymous Ong said...

Hi I am Ong. I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I would love to win Set #2 and Beetrice's Review is two years old.

I enjoyed reading your reviews and keep up the interesting work you have been doing with Beetrice's Review.

My email address is


At 6:29 pm, May 12, 2009 , Blogger fann fann said...

I'm Fanny from Kuala Lumpur, and hope to win set #1.

Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway contest :)

My email is


At 7:35 pm, May 12, 2009 , Blogger annabird said...

herro, i'm from manila, and I'd loveto have everything in set #1, haha..set #2 then and your blog is two years old.your site is email is

At 10:31 pm, May 12, 2009 , Anonymous Foong Jin said...

Hie Beetrice! Foong Jin here, from Seri Kembangan :P I'd like set 1 because your review about the inouvi skinspa has really piqued my interest in it :D

beetrice's reviews is two years old! congrats and hope there'll be many more birthdays to come! :)


At 7:12 am, May 13, 2009 , Blogger Bonnie in FL said...

I'd like the set 2
Live in FL USA
Beatrice reviews is 2

great giveaway and blog

At 10:59 am, May 13, 2009 , Blogger skylarkz said...

Hi Beatrice.

I'm from KL. I would like to win set #1. BeatriceReviews is 2years. yeay! ^_^ Hoping for many more wonderful blogoversaries to come.

my email address:

At 11:33 am, May 13, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! i'm from the philippines. i'd love to win set # 2.

beetrice's reviews is 2 years old. yey!

i'd love to see more reviews on skincare products please. :)

my email address is

At 12:33 pm, May 13, 2009 , Blogger SaiDaH ZaWaNaH SuLaiMaN said...

hello. im saidah, from malaysia. winning set 1 would be lovely.

beetrice's review just turn 2 in which tats e main reason this giveaway happens right? :D

your blog is nice & gorgeous, simple love the layout. and of course, the entry. hope to see more entry regarding beauty spa.

my email:
ive link you to my blog.

At 2:56 pm, May 13, 2009 , Blogger Snow falling said...

I’m from MELAKA, I’d like to win Set #2 and Beetrice’s Reviews is 2 years old!!~~.

I love how your blog is so informative and entertaining!~

My email is

At 7:07 pm, May 13, 2009 , Blogger *You Lite Up My Life* said...

Hi, I am Vivian of Kuala Lumpur. I would like to win Set #1. Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old.

Your entries are very informative & detailed, luv it!

my email:
my link:

Thanks Beatrice.

At 8:46 pm, May 13, 2009 , Blogger YiNG said...

Hi,i'm Hui Ying from Port Dickson.
i would like the first set.
and Beetrice's Review is 2 years old!!
great blog=)

At 10:07 am, May 14, 2009 , Anonymous emma said...


I’m from Penang, I’d like to win Set #1.

Your reviews are awesomely 2!

Thanks A LOT for the reviews.

My email is:

At 10:32 am, May 14, 2009 , Blogger Heather M said...

From U.S. Michigan to be exact!
I would love the SECOND set
Beetrice's reviews is turning 2 (My daughter Just turned 2 on The 9th)

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

At 2:07 pm, May 14, 2009 , Anonymous smilelooksgoodonyou said...

hello. my name is esther lim from penang, and i would like to win set no.1. pleasee:) beetrice turned 2 on the 7th of may 2009. your blog is really nice:)

At 2:42 pm, May 14, 2009 , Anonymous klina said...

Hi Beatrice,
I'm from Malaysia and I would love set 2. Beatrice Reviews is 2 yummy years old! Any chance of seeing you do more FOTD/ EOTD?
My email is:

At 6:37 pm, May 14, 2009 , Blogger Fran said...

hi! i'm from the Philippines. I'd love love love to win Set # 2.

You're on your 2nd year in doing great reviews, congratulations! Your blog is really nice. Cheers to more wonderful writing years.

My email is happybroomstick_at_yahoo_dot_com

At 12:43 am, May 15, 2009 , Blogger Meng Her said...

1 + 1 = 2

Congra Beatrice!!! Reaching the stage of 1 + 1 = 2 but it also mean 1 + 1 = 3 when reading you blog review. Eevrything is written detail and accroding to what you know. This is easier for us as reader to understand as we have the same perspective of view. Simple and easy to understood where 1 + 1 = 3 even though we not synergy but we gain more than 2.

Btw, Im Meng Her from JB ...
I like set 1 because i'm the youngest in family where is the last number of 5.^^


At 3:15 am, May 15, 2009 , Blogger Fifi said...

hi! I'm Fifi from Indonesia. i'd love to win set #2.

Your blog is 2 years old now! Actually I just found out about your blog but I've already read 2 reviews. I think your blog is very informative so kepp it up!

My email is ulfianarsm06(at)gmail(dot)com

At 9:23 pm, May 15, 2009 , Blogger ~mrs.amy ~ said...

hye beatrice...
im mrs.amy from johor,malaysia..
i want to win the #1 set...

ur blog turn 2 last 7th of may..
congrats, hopefully u will be in the blogsphere for more years to come..
i love ur blog because its a very well-written blog, full of informations especially bout lifestyle..& most important of all its easy to understand...;)

my email :

At 10:32 pm, May 15, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

tulip your neighbour from singapore hoping to win set #2! your blog was TWO years old on 070509. im a long time reader of your blog, subscribed for some time now with a diff email addy. i hope to win, the gifts looks fantastic, so preeety! cute brushes! i enjoy and benefit from your writing style, clear and helpful. thanks for blogging :)

At 12:06 am, May 16, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


from Malaysia and would love to win Set 1!! Your blog is the big TWO (also known as 2) years old! you have a nice blog!

At 1:25 am, May 16, 2009 , Blogger ms.iu said...

Hiee dear... i'm ms.iu from malaysia.
i want to win set no.1

Beetrice's Review turn to 2 years old on 7th May yeaaheee!!

congrats dear!!& i am one of your silent reader actually...i love love to read all ur beauty stuffs & review..i hope you will organize moree contest so everyone can win!;)


At 12:21 pm, May 16, 2009 , Anonymous polkadots(: said...

hey beetrice!!
i'm from penang, malaysia, and i'd LOVE to win set #1 sososo much. they all look awesome, && your blog is fantastic.


thanks for your reviews,

At 2:20 pm, May 16, 2009 , Blogger harim hamdan said...

hello beetrice,
my name is harim and i'm from KL. i would love to win set #1.

i have just got to know your blog as i was looking blogs on stila sale, best of all, i found a blog that has everything i need as a girl.your review help me so much.
i even went to sogo today just because u mention it on ur blog :P

Beetrice's Reviews will turn 2.congratulations!

i hope there will be more contest like this in the future.oh, and maybe you could held a mini workshop class for us to gather together and to get to know each other while doing things we all really like :D
just my 2 cents

thank u.

contact me at

At 3:03 pm, May 16, 2009 , Anonymous Kim Chong said...

Hi Beetrice! I'm Kim from Penang.
- I'd like to win set #1 please :)
- Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old! Happy Birthday!!
- I've been following this blog for some time now, and i think it's great! :D
- My email is

At 8:02 pm, May 16, 2009 , Blogger MaMa said...

Hi Beetrice - I'm Lisa and I live in the great state of Virginia. I just found your blog today & am so glad I did - bookmarked it!

Anyway - your blog is 2 years old. Congrats on that and many more happy blogging years to come.

I'd love to win Set #2. My make-up is so outdated and I probably need to toss most of it.

Here is my contact info. I also just subscribed via email.
mistyfuji (at) yahoo (dot) com

Have a great day!

At 8:56 pm, May 16, 2009 , Anonymous Qin Ning said...

Set 2
the blog is 2 years old!
i really like the Bloop travel brush set!!

(i apologise if i double posted, but the first time i clicked publish, it sort of hanged)

At 10:23 pm, May 16, 2009 , Anonymous Effa said...

Hi Beetrice!

I'm Effa from KL and i'd love to win Set No 1 !! =D Beetrice’s Reviews is turning 2, congratulations!!! Oh just a suggestion, why don't you organize a get together for all your readers maybe we can do any activities just for fun! By the way, love reading your blog everyday, lotsa great tips and reviews (ppst you are so hired as my personal makeup advisor! Ok just kidding!) anyway, keep up the good work and have a nice day!


At 11:34 pm, May 16, 2009 , Anonymous Wawa said...

Hi, I am wawa from KL. I'd like to win set 2 please! Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old. I have been following your blog for a while, love it, keep up the good work! ^^

My email:

At 2:32 am, May 17, 2009 , Anonymous rinnah said...

Hello! I'm rinnah from KL (you know me, right? *wink*) and I am joining this contest just for the fun of it.

If I am so lucky as to win it, I would like Set 1 just for the iNuovi gel. Heheh.

Beetrice's Reviews turns a fab 2 this month!

And... here is my email address (hopefully no spammers running about) : rinnah [at] rinnah [dot] com.

At 7:46 am, May 17, 2009 , Blogger MissBling said...

hello beetrice! i'm from greece, i like both sets a lot but since i'm an international reader i guess i can only win set no. 2, right? but i love that set too, so it doesn't matter, as long as i win, hehe!
so beetrice's reviews is turning 2!!! happy 2nd birthday, i hope there are many many more years of blogging for you to come, because your blog is fabulous!
oh and you can find my mail on my blogger profile (not feeling comfortable of making public with all those spammers out there!)
thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

At 10:34 am, May 17, 2009 , Anonymous Isabel said...

Hi, greetings from Penang. Set 1 looks interesting and I'd like to win that. Beetrice's Reviews is 2 years old ... congratulations! I stumbled on your blog while researching some products and bookmarked you immediately. Thanks for keeping readers updated on products and looking forward to much more from you. Fantastic job!

At 11:53 am, May 17, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi beetrice~
i'm from penang and would absolutely, absolutely love to win set #1, pretty please?=] Beetrice's Reviews is TWO.
thanks for having this fantastic give away, and thanks for your reviews.

At 2:08 pm, May 18, 2009 , Blogger Hui said...

Hi Beetrice! I'm from PJ and would like to win Set #1. Beetrice's Reviews is two. CONGRATS btw!
my email is on my blogger profile..
great giveaway, you're so generous!! =)

At 10:26 pm, May 18, 2009 , Blogger jojos4eva said...

AWESOMENESS! lol Hey, I'm Jo, I'm currently in New Zealand... My family comes from Hong Kong :p

UmmmMmm I would love to win the international set...

and as for "How old is Beetrice’s Reviews?” lol is it TWO? lol

Thanks for hosting such a fun contest! sorry Im late entering... ;P

My email is
you can catch me at - will also be posting your contest there...

p.s Im hosting a contest too... would be cool if you entered ;)

At 7:27 am, May 19, 2009 , Blogger Keziah Ann said...

Hello! count me in!

Im keziah, I’m from New Zealand, I’d like to win Set #2 and Beetrice’s Reviews is TWO YEARS.

I love the site! very useful! and u seem reali friendly.

My email is

thanks and godbless!

At 6:19 pm, May 19, 2009 , Blogger @DdY said...

Hye, I'm Addy from KL. I'd like to win set #1 since I've never tried any of them.

Beetrice's Reviews is becoming 2!Hope more great reviews will come in the future!

At 8:51 pm, May 19, 2009 , Blogger Lisa said...

I'm from Malaysia and I would like to win Set 2! Beetrice's Reviews is TWO (2)!! Yay! Hooray. *brings out the champange* Please write more product reviews on drugstore brands in the future. :) Happy 2nd Blogoversary.

At 3:33 am, May 20, 2009 , Blogger andrea said...

Hey there, I'm Andrea from Petaling Jaya. I'd like to win set 1, it looks great :D

Beetrice's Reviews turned two on 7th May 2009. (Here's to another twenty!)
My email address is a89ndrea [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for all your helpful reviews!

At 5:39 pm, May 20, 2009 , Anonymous eileen said...

Hi Beetrice...

I'm eileen from singapore. i'd love to win Set #2. Beetrice's Reviews is 2!

I've been visiting ur site for the past 6 months... Loved it the minute i set eyes on it! Found ur reviews really interesting and useful.. Especially ur review on body shop's skin boost! Sent me straight to body shop to get one for myself! Results not as drastic as urs, but good still... Thanks!

Congrats on turning 2 once again!

btw, email is


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