Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Easter (Monday) all!

Hi hi…hope you all had a lovely Easter over the weekend (mine was spent getting stressed out conducting my church’s Easter cantata, and there’s still one more to go this Sat!), but hey, at least my Saturday was fabulous. Why? Because I went for this…

To be honest, I hadn’t thought that much of David Archuleta since the American Idol results – I liked his songs though, and when a client offered us tickets to go watch his first ever live performance in KL, I figured why not?

By the end of the showcase (he only did 5 songs, boo!) me and my colleague were screaming right alongside the other 6,000-odd fans at the Sunway Lagoon Ampitheatre. Amazing to think he’s only eighteen, but his stage presence and performance are incredible – I totally SWOONED when he started playing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” on the keyboard (and yes, I have a thing for guys who can pay musical instruments or sing well…and he fits both categories!)

In the words of my colleague (we were both in the same boat when we went for the showcase – just “okay, it’s David Archuleta”) after the showcase: “Damn, I’m feeling positively paedophilic right now!” (but only because David's so young!)

Sounds so wrong, but you get my drift! :D Hope you all had lovely weekends too!



At 8:35 pm, April 13, 2009 , Blogger Lisa said...

Haha your colleague is so funny.

At 8:53 pm, April 13, 2009 , Blogger Connie De Alwis said...

My bf's mom kept bragging about David passing by her counter in KLCC -_-
ahhhh.... he's sooo bloody cute!! Little boy cute, that is. Me no paedobear!

and his voice... enough to make my heart melt. No idea at all how David Cook could have won AI though :-/

At 9:19 pm, April 13, 2009 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

he's still cute!!! So it's ok to scream your heart out I'll definitely do the same lol

At 10:09 pm, April 13, 2009 , Blogger LyNn said...

owhh you're so lucky.
got free tickets. :P
haha i wanted to go but had to go down to nilai for some stuff.
happy easter to all :)

At 9:32 am, April 14, 2009 , Anonymous prettybeautiful said...

he is cute but david cook is so man <3 = my type. LOL.

At 3:11 pm, April 14, 2009 , Blogger Paris B said...

Archu-who? :P haha... glad you had a great time. I thought he would go far in Idol but I'm glad he did not win - 2 baby winners in 2 years would have killed AI's credibility

At 6:20 pm, April 14, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

lisa: LOL! I nearly ter-pengsan when that came out..

connie: his voice is SOO good!! hehehe...he was in KLCC? shopping ah? :p

askmewhats: SUPER cute! the pictures don't actually do him justice...LOL...

lynn: sometimes got perks lor...and very appreciated! :)

prettybeautiful: err...never seen David Cook in person yet, so can't really comment... ;)

parisb: ask why summore..haha..but it's not surprising his career is so hot at the moment - after all, there's no lack of teenage girls (and their *cough* not so young counterparts!) around.. :D


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