Friday, 30 January 2009

Bobbi Brown’s New Spring Collection...

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"Pairing different textures on the face is what's new for spring." - Bobbi Brown

I dunno about that, but Bobbi’s new Blushed Pink Collection is definitely looking very romantic indeed. Well on its way to OD-ing for Valentine’s Day I reckon. The new items include the Sparkle Eye Shadow (Limited Edition), Lip Compact (Limited Edition) and new Eye Shadow shades. Just check out the designs…ooo…

Sparkle Eye Shadow (Limited Edition)

The Sparkle Eye Shadow has a featherweight formula that instantly lights up eyes with a unique combination of shimmering pearls and glitter in a translucent base. The creamy-soft powder shadow glides on smoothly and clings to lids for crease-free, long-lasting wear, while shadow pans feature clear protective covers and can be popped out of the compacts and inserted into Bobbi’s customizable palettes.

There are four colours available in the new selection – I’m particularly liking the look of the Ballet and Sunlight, but I'll have to look at them up close before I succumb to getting one! :D

Lip Compact (Limited Edition)

Blushed pink lips are the perfect complement to the season's soft, sparkly eye. Bobbi’s created three gorgeous options for the Lip Compacts, each with a different finish: high shine, glittery and creamy. Each lip pan features a clear protective cover and can be popped out of its compact and inserted into Bobbi’s customizable palettes.

Me likey!! The Blush Pink Creamy Lip Colour is just CALLING my name...eeepss!! And the Nude Pink Lip Gloss isn't anything to sneeze at either - if the colour's close to that in the picture, I'm so going to be lemming it...

New Eye Shadow Shades

On a whole, Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow is available in a range of shades for lids, lining eyes, and defining brows. This silky, matte formula glides on smoothly and blends easily. But for this spring, Bobbi’s introduced two new shades of brown – Mink and Birch – to give eyes soft definition. Each colour comes in a sleep flip-top compact that can be used individually or assembled into palettes (sold separately).

I’m liking the look of the lip compacts, but maybe not so the others…what’s your take? Has anyone seen these up close yet?



At 8:50 pm, January 30, 2009 , Anonymous rinnah said...

Nude pink lip gloss... Nude pink lip gloss... Nude pink lip gloss...

Bah! I'm lemming it already! *grin*

At 7:54 pm, February 01, 2009 , Anonymous ParisB said...

I tested the sparkle eyeshadows - glitter and nothing more. Pass! :P

At 6:57 pm, February 03, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

rinnah: too!! :)

parisb:ergh..saw your swatches, and I have to agree...*scratches sparkle e/s off the list*


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