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Beetrice’s Reviews Valentine Giveaway!!

Valentine’s Day – the day everyone loves…or loves to hate. :D (just kidding!) Plenty of gift ideas, heaps of *overpriced* meal sets and countless declarations of love (some in rather zany ways!) However, on this day one thing is clear…the world will be divided into two categories: those going out and those staying in, no matter your relationship status.

This year after mulling over it a bit (don’t be fooled by the seemingly hard thinking, I actually had fun!) I’ve decided to host a – what else?? – VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY for my readers!
* Apologies to my international readers, this giveaway is restricted to Malaysia only (for further details please see T&C below)

I have two lovely packages to give away to two lucky readers, and here’s the best bit – I’ve specially selected the items in each set to cater to the two categories I mentioned earlier, and will be delivered in time to enjoy come 14th February. Still a bit fuzzy about what I’m talking about? Don’t worry…just read on, and all will be explained… :)

Now to the fun part…have a gander at what you could win:

SET ONE – Going Out

- If you’re going out, these items will have you looking fab for the evening… :) -

SET TWO – Staying In

- Not going out? No worries, you’ll have a relaxing night in with this selection – and come out looking fab afterwards! -

Are you all excited yet? Scroll on below for details on how to enter the giveaway…

How To Enter
To enter, leave a comment below in this post telling me which set you’d like to win and why, together with your email address. Entries for this giveaway will close at 12midnight on 31 January 2009 (Malaysian Time/ GMT + 8.00). The entries will be tabulated and a winner for each set will be selected at random. Due to time factors, I’ve set the closing date a fair period before Valentine’s Day in order to have enough time for the sets to reach the winners before Valentine’s Day. :)

Terms & Conditions (Please Read)
  • This contest is open to Malaysian residents only
  • Anyone can enter irrespective of whether you have won anything before
  • One entry per person – please play fair and let everyone have an equal chance
  • Entries submitted via email will not be eligible
  • I will be contacting the lucky winner via the email in your comment, so please use a valid email address. If I do not get a response from you within 2 (two) days, I will pick another winner
  • Every effort will be made on my part to have the sets arrive at the winners before Valentine’s Day, but please understand I have no control over the speed of the local postal service...




At 12:13 am, January 22, 2009 , Blogger 心。葵 @ plue said...

Darling Bee!

This is such a good time! :D

I would like to win set 2, not becuz i want to look and feel good for the bf, is becuz i think i need to relax myself... give myself more pampering as workload is driving me to the wall!

and i love Passion Fruit :P and I need to get a good body scrub! :D

tee hee~

At 9:51 am, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Set 1 because the nail colour looks heavenly and I have been itching to try out beautilicious.


At 10:50 am, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous prettybeautiful said...

fantastic! (me loves contest altho have not won anything before)

i would love to have set 1 because i have been so wanting to try out the beautilicious instant eyeshadow!

:D :D

At 1:17 pm, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! both sets are superbly fantastic,very hard to choose!
i think ill go for set number 1 just because I'm dying to try out the crabtree and evelyn spring rain scented soap so that ill smell really good and fresh when going out with my hubby.=)

At 3:51 pm, January 22, 2009 , Blogger queenyee said...

Hello Bee,

Really love what you're giving away, can't believe you are actually organizing a giveaway for Valentine's too.

I would love to win Set 1 as I really really really wanna try out Paul & Joe's stuffs. Heard a lot of raves about it.

All in all, I'm loving everythin you're giving out, muaks!

At 3:56 pm, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous ParisB said...

Not taking part but hot damn! This is a great contest! Good luck everyone!

At 4:38 pm, January 22, 2009 , Blogger Ayaq masak said...

I would like to win Set 1 because well, since I know I won't have a date this Valentine (I never celebrate V-day anyway :P), why not prettify myself before I get more depressed? Haha.

At 4:41 pm, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would like to win Set 1 because of all the lovely looking products. They are sure to make me look pretty this Valentine's Day.

At 4:43 pm, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

I'd love to win Set 1 just because i feel it's about time i put myself out there. And i know all those pretty products are sure to help me achieve that.

Thanks sweetie! Good luck everyone.

At 4:48 pm, January 22, 2009 , Anonymous ms.peach said...

I would love to win prize pack 1! :)
Because I don't usually buy that much makeup and this seems like a good set that I would use! Thank you!

sassypeach at gmail dot com

At 6:14 pm, January 22, 2009 , Blogger Chian Li said...

I would like to win SET 2 because:

1. I'm a homey girl :)
2. I'll most likely stay home on Valentine's Day because my bf is not in Msia.
3. I have to pamper myself after stressful days at work!

my email:

At 7:23 pm, January 22, 2009 , Blogger kahani said...

Whooo nice one, Bee! I won't take part but I'm so putting together a lovely stay at home kit to give myself some Valentine loving. From me, to me. =D

At 8:52 pm, January 22, 2009 , Blogger Lilly said...

I pick set 1 because I love lipsticks and Maybelline is great!

At 2:34 pm, January 23, 2009 , Anonymous akiki said...

wow, nice contest!!
i like the set one'cos i'm nail addict + im P&J and C&E fans!!!

At 2:37 pm, January 23, 2009 , Anonymous christdee said...

hey, thx for the fun contest!
i have always wanna try crabtree & evelyn's product so i wish to win the set one!!!

At 2:40 pm, January 23, 2009 , Anonymous forest_yt said...

hi, just browsing the net and saw the contest.
i wish to get the set one for my gf as she loves loves loves make up.
hope to give her special gift this valentine. thanks!

At 3:54 pm, January 23, 2009 , Blogger B said...

Wonderful giveaway going on here, Beetrice!

I use sunblock every time I go out, and it has been leaving a layer of sticky film on my body. I'd love to get Set 2 because a scrub will aid in sloughing the film away!

At 11:27 pm, January 23, 2009 , Anonymous rinnah said...

Cool giveaway, bee! I guess I'll try my luck at Set 2 cos I got no plans as yet for Valentine's. Heh.

The email is... rinnah dot lee at gmail dot com. =)

At 12:37 pm, January 24, 2009 , Anonymous sena said...

I have my eyes set on prize #1!
Anything to beautify me when going out is definitely something I would like as it will encourage me to go out more often :P
Thank you so much for the chance!

At 1:02 pm, January 24, 2009 , Anonymous Tine said...

I can't believe you posted all this up whilst I was snoring away in bed! :P

Looks like great fun. 'Tis a pity I can't join in *booo*

At 1:24 pm, January 24, 2009 , Blogger cpullum said...

I like the SET TWO – Staying In!!!

At 11:46 am, January 25, 2009 , Blogger Lootwagon said...

great giveaways! sad that i can't join :(

At 4:04 pm, January 27, 2009 , Blogger hyukie said... eyes have set on the 2nd set!!! coz..i believe beauty comes from within/inner..."Beauty is in the eyes of it's beholder"...

Thank you so much...n do hope to hear from you asap!!!


At 8:03 pm, January 27, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

To everyone who's participated so far, thanks for all your entries!! :)

ParisB: aww, thanks!

kahani: that sounds like fun - I'll be looking forward to reading all about it!

tine: hehe...I'm so tempted to say "you snooze you lo--", but I actually drafted it almost a week prior - just posted it up then mah.. :D

lootwagon: hi! there will be other opportunities soon...stay tuned! :)

lilly: please include your email address to qualify for the giveaway. thanks!

At 1:04 pm, January 29, 2009 , Blogger @DdY said...

Hye Bee,

I would like to win set no 2. My skin needs some pampering and I bet they will love me too..just like how we should celebrate Valentine's--with love!!

At 12:25 pm, January 30, 2009 , Blogger Steph said...

I wanna win set 2 because I love body scrubs! *la la la we go in the shower~~* =P

Happy New Year to you. =)

At 11:01 pm, January 30, 2009 , Anonymous Digie said...

i would love to win set 2 as i'm more of an indoor person and my body needs some pampering badly. haha.

At 12:20 am, January 31, 2009 , Blogger Kawaii said...


I would very much like to win set 2 cos though I would be staying in alone during Vday, I still deserve some pampering and tlc.:)


At 11:00 am, January 31, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want i want...set no 2..cuz it have my fav bodyshop items....

gog xi fa cai oo..

At 2:48 pm, January 31, 2009 , Anonymous Effa said...

Hello Miss Bee!

I want that Set 1 ! =-D I just feel like winning something ;-)

Love, Effa

At 2:25 am, February 01, 2009 , Blogger beetrice said...

hi all, thanks for all your entries! the giveaway is now closed - the winners will be announced shortly...good luck! :)


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