Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Reflecting on the year that was…

Wow…in a blink of an eye, the year has just flown by…and looking back, it’s been a pretty eventful year. For one, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to keep this reviews site (obviously, I have!) and it’s led to some pretty awesome things. :) So instead of boring you with even more text, I’ll bring you a few of my favourites for this year…

I had a revamp of the site design which came about after an extended hiatus and Chinese New Year…and was inspired by a cousin to do a review of the contents of my handbag (man, that one gave me a couple of revelations!)

review of The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost got some really surprising responses which I wasn’t expecting…of course, after that I was coerced into divulging my skincare dos and don’ts (which unveiled some previously-hidden bad habits…errgghh)

Getting featured alongside PB in NST was a big honour… :) And so was trying falsies for the first time (eyelashes, that is!)

I got to meet with some lovely bloggers in the process…
Jessie, Connie, Prettybeautiful, Rinnah, Plue, Kahani and Syen are just some of the babes I met throughout the year…and I’m looking forward to meeting even more!

I managed to travel not just to London and Barcelona, but to Bangkok too!

Got the inside look at a new
makeup brand Stage, which I’m sure some of you all are loving as much as I am!

And last but definitely not least, a chance meeting with an old acquaintance that has blossomed into an obsession with clothes!! *eeeps*…
Paperdoll clothes, to be specific. :)

So that was in a nutshell, 2008…and I’m looking forward to the coming year!! Are you?

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hey hey...

I’m back…not quite back at full par yet, but at the very least, very determined not to let the last couple of days in 2008 pass me by!! :) For those of you that sent me well-wishes, thank you – especially those who thought I wouldn’t see my messages and opted to text me too! *big hugs*

Gimme a while to organise my thoughts and photos (I took so many over the past few days!) k? Ahhh, it’s good to be back…

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Starting off the holidays...

Not exactly what you’d want to see with the holidays around the corner rite? Sigh…what to do…I guess the past few weeks have finally caught up with me. I was supposed to have been on a duvet day yesterday to do my Christmas shopping (and yes, I am THAT late with my shopping!)…unfortunately, a rather dramatic turn of events saw me nearly keel over in 1 Utama, giving my parents a right old scare in the process.

Needless to say, the shopping trip got scrapped and I got sent off to the doc’s instead. Am hoping it’s nothing serious, but for now, I’m going to be pumped to the gills with meds. I’m going to spend Christmas as high as a kite! LOL…

Monday, 22 December 2008

Paperdoll Boutique - I *heart*…

Who’d have thought a chance meeting would have burnt a big hole in my pocket??

It all started when we met during the auditions for “Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum” waaaayy back in…1999 I think? Long story short, she got a part, I didn’t (which I’m quite thankful about after hearing about the fiasco!) but that was it – or so I thought.

A couple of months back, I got waylaid by this busty, bubbly lady at the Benefit warehouse sale who I thought looked quite familiar. Lo and behold, we got reacquainted...and as they say – the rest is history! I’d heard of Paperdoll before, and was seriously drooling over their designs already…so imagine my surprise when I found out she was the owner! LOL!!

Needless to say, I didn’t need any more encouragement to make my first purchase on her site – expedited by almost “instant” give-me-when-I-see-you-for-mamak delivery…hehe…

I lurve this top…it doesn’t make me overheat! (RM55)

Of course, that’s not the big news. The major announcement is that Paperdoll boutique now has it's first storefront at Tropicana City Mall!!

Tres chic, no? And so Ms Jo too…I love what she’s done with the store interior…

I dropped by to check out the outlet last Friday, and hoo boy, since it was still a little quiet, we had a field day! She had these ‘ooolala’ corset tops for sale, which to me looked rather dominatrix on the rack…but I must say, I did like the end-result…

Okay, okay…I obviously don’t look as hawt as the mannequin…LOL…

But the best part? I think I’ve just found THE Christmas outfit for me…I told Ms Jo she’s a real devil’s spawn for tempting me with all the designs in her shop, but this I seriously could not resist when I tried it on…

What do y’all think? Am I ready for my Christmas party? :D

The only gripes I have are about Tropicana City Mall itself, since my short trip there left me thinking it must be one of the most badly-managed shopping malls I’ve seen. But I’ll save that for a separate post.

In the meantime, do go drop by Ms Jo’s boutique…and let’s see if you can resist her designs! *teeheehee*

Paperdoll Boutique
Lot L1-43, 1st Floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

NZN birthday voucher!!

Lookie what I got in the mail! I just love getting mail like this, don’t you? :)

The voucher is valid for a take home pint of ice cream, compliments of the New Zealand Natural Expressions member card I signed up for a while back. Granted, it’s a little late (since my birthday was last month), but I won’t say no to a free pint of my favourite ice cream…yum yum…

Now the only dilemma – which flavour to choose?!? :O


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Body Shop Holiday Collection 2008 – Sparkling Seductive…

While I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping yesterday (I tell you, I’ve started shopping SO late this year, I wonder if I can finish in time!!) I dropped by my usual Body Shop outlet to replenish my Vit C Skin Boost supply and saw their Sparking Seductive Holiday Collection lineup! The theme this year is to have plenty of sparkle, which is clearly evident in all the products offered.

These are the Sparkle Eye Palettes available that come in a sturdy black shimmery paper box. The lid is held shut with a elastic clasp, and includes a mirror on the inside of the lid.

There are two variants available – Gold & Green, and Blue & Pink

The eye colours contain marula oil which is supposed to be moisturising, and can be applied with a damp brush to give more intense colour. I loved the pattern embossed on the surface of the shadows!

Nice pattern, isn’t it?

Pull-out drawer with applicator

The Sparkle Eye Palettes come with an applicator stored in a pull-out drawer – I found the drawer rather stiff to pull out, but it could be due to it being a brand new case. There’s space in the drawer to slip in a couple of extra brushes and a couple of cotton buds for touch-ups too, and I think you could just about slip in a small lipgloss in there as well.

Of course, in the name of beauty, this collection would not be complete without swatches right? Just look at what I did to my arm! :D

Out of the two palettes, I’m preferential to Set 02 based on colour. However, Set 01 did apply exceedingly smooth onto my skin. I’m loving the texture of the shadows, although their pigment is a tad inconsistent – some of the colours needed a little extra powder to really ‘pop’.

There are also two shades of Sparkle Eyeliner – Starlight and Ocean Green. I was told there’s also Golden Sun which is a yellow-gold shade but isn’t available in Malaysia. The Body Shop has also managed to infuse aloe vera into the mixture of the eyeliner…does that mean I’ll have (literally!) cool eyes when I use it? Hmm…

Of course, what collection would be complete without some Sparkle Lipgloss? Only two shades available locally – Sand Pink and Dusk Rose (it’s called dusk pink on the UK website though)

Swatches of the Sparkle Eyeliner and Sparkle Lipgloss

I found the Sparkle Eyeliner consistency to be a little too watery for my liking, although the colour was quite impressive. Also, it dried pretty solidly (which I found out after trying to remove it from my hand!) so I’ll be giving this one a miss.

As for the Sparkle Lipgloss, I’m loving 02-Dusk Rose as the colour’s perfect for my skintone. It’s a neutral enough shade to work on most skintones, actually – and the glitter isn’t too ‘over the top’. The lipgloss also contains marula oil to add the moisturising factor, which is great. However, I have one big gripe about it…

The gloss comes in a plastic tube with a slant-tip applicator. Granted, you squeeze the tube to get the gloss out, but with the shape of the tube and its pliability, it would be almost impossible to squeeze out the gloss once you get about halfway through the tube since the gloss has a tendency to stick to the bottom of the tube. Also, the cap isn’t very firmly fixed on – high chance of a “oops” spill or leakage.

There is also a Sparkle & Shimmer Powder Puff as well as Sparkle Roller Ball available for plenty of shimmer and sparkle this Christmas, but I didn’t try those out since my hand (not to mention arm) was already full of shimmer and sparkle! :p They looked really nice though…maybe I should go back for another closer look…

As far as prices go, the Sparkling Seductive collection ranges from RM45.00 – RM89.00…not too bad for a holiday selection I suppose.
Sparkle Eye Palette – RM89.00
Sparkle Eyeliner – RM45.00
Sparkle Lipgloss – RM49.90

What do you guys think? Love it/ hate it? :) Share your thoughts!

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Fast Forward Sale…

The poster says it all…now who wants to go?? :)


Monday, 15 December 2008

Tagged: Friendship Award & Survey...

Right…today I’ve got a tag from Connie of Skindeco. Got to spend some time with her over the weekend (along with some other bloggie pals) thanks to the MySimplifieds event, and gee girl, I still don’t know where you find the time to do so many FOTDs!! :D

I’d have to agree with Connie though – since starting to blog I’ve met some of the nicest people online (and some of the worst, but that’s a different story), and some of them have carried over into face-to-face meet ups (I’m still waiting to meet Nikki of Askmewhats though!). Of course, if you were to ask me to choose who to give the award to, I don’t think I could…simply because I think all of you deserve it!

And the survey starts……here:

where is your cell phone? Next to me on the table

where is your significant other? Somewhere out there…

hair colour? Dark brown with light brown highlights – it’s time for a touch-up!

your mother? I’m guessing she’s at home, but she could be out with my grandma

your father? At work I think…LOL…

your favourite thing? My body pillow! So nice to squeeze at night… :)

your dream last night? Err…wanting to get more sleep?

your dream/goal? To be able to juggle work, blogging, music AND a personal life…and that’s why it’s still a dream!

the room you're in? At work

your hobby? (this should have said hobbies!) Blogging, reading, playing with my pampered dog, music, travelling, shopping, sleeping, playing with makeup, food crawling…adeh, not enough space lah!

your fear? COCKROACHES!! I particularly HATE those that fly (oh, and probably dying alone, on a secondary fear)

where do you want to be in 6 years? In my own home (with a walk-in closet!!), a couple of dogs running in the garden, and being a ‘tai tai’ (although the third one is highly unlikely!!)

where were you last night? Attending a pre-Christmas party

what you're not? I’m not perfect – that sums it all up

one of your wish list items? Err…like Connie said – just ONE?? Hmm…at this moment it would have to be a new car, with MY personal license plate!!

where you grew up? Born and raised in KL baby!

the last thing you did? Had lunch

what are you wearing? Black fisherman pants with a purple tank and cardie – I’m so addicted to the colour purple!

your tv? Err…I don’t quite understand the question – where is my tv (I don’t have one in my room, so I have to watch it outside in the living room) or what is my tv (again, don’t have one…but I use my PC as my home entertainment centre!)??

your pet? LOL…one very spoilt dog, four other big dogs, an ever-changing array of fish…for now. I USED to have chicks, scorpions, stick insects, squirrels, guinea pigs, hamsters and ducklings while growing up (not all at the same time though!)

your computer? A desktop in the room, and a laptop for all the other places!

your mood? Tired, sleepy…but I would suppose in a relatively good mood

missing someone? Gee, where do I even start…and no, it’s not just one person!

your car? In the Midvalley parking lot as usual

something you're not wearing? I’m not wearing my watch at the moment – need to take it off when I work on the laptop.

favourite store? Hmm…I’d have to say Ikea. Although, now that Daiso is here…it’s going to be a tough fight!

your summer? Are you kidding me? Could it get any hotter in Malaysia??

love someone? LOL…myself, my dog, my family, my friends…oops, was that the meaning of the question? *wink*

your favourite colour? Purple!!

when is the last time you laughed? This morning

last time you cried? Sometime last week…trying not to think about it

are you a b*tch? When I need to be…and I’m a darn good one too!

favourite position? LOL…interesting question – I like to sleep (as in *snore* sleep!!) curled up on my side hugging my body pillow. Now y’all better not be thinking kinky thoughts ah!!

favourite past time? Sleeping! LOL…

are you a hater or a lover? Aww…a lover… :)

are you genuine or fake? Genuine, although I’ve been known to have to put on a ‘fake’ face when the situation calls for it!

any vices? Shopping…eating…lazing around…adoi, cannot post up here!! *shock*

pro life or wire hanger? Pro-life, but a firm advocate of the option that people should do what they feel is best for their situation. (If you want an example – would you deny an abortion to someone who got pregnant as a result of being raped?)

mccain or obama? I think Obama is going to bring some much-needed fresh air to the US…but let’s see how this plays out

pro plastic or natural? Natural where possible

dream job? Beauty blogging, doing musicals and freelancing……AND getting paid (well) for it! Hehehe…

I’m going to tag just a few random people for this, but do feel free to do this tag too if you can!


Sunday, 14 December 2008

MySimplifieds – Classifieds Made Simple…

** I'm back from my short hiatus, so we're back to our regular programming…thanks for being so patient!

If you were at the Curve on Saturday, did you happen to see people walking around with these paper bags?

Anyway, I can finally talk about this beta-testing project that I’ve been working on for the past month – MySimplifieds. It’s a new site for buying and selling items…and the best part is, it’s a streamlined site that was based on the feedback of real people. And yes, they may be a client of mine, but I have to say that I really like the fact that they really did take the feedback to heart and adjusted the site to what you see today. :)

On Saturday, all the beta-testers were invited to the bazaar at the Curve to indulge in a special shopping spree. The catch? The money was given in ALL RM1 notes, and had to be spent within 2 hours.

Cold hard cash!!

With all the little boutique stores at the Curve weekend bazaars, you can imagine they all had a whole lot of fun running around spending their moola on whatever they wanted – with some hilarious results!

Rachael (owner of funkshop55) deconstructed her MySimplifieds T-shirt…and it looked awesome!

Hsu Jen and her friends had fun posing too

Randy found some time to pose for a bit while spending his cash

Wilson Chin (he kept asking me “you remember my name or not??”…so yeah, see, I remembered your name!!)

Rinnah and her MySimplifieds paper bag…who wouldn’t be happy with free spending money right?

KC with his wife and son Ethan (why are there so many people naming their babies Ethan this year??) – and from what I heard, Ethan got the bulk of the moola spent on him…lucky baby!!

Paris and Pinkelle incognito as usual… :) By the way, the door curtain Paris got was absolutely gorgeous!

The most unique shopper of the day award would HAVE to go to KY, who blew his dough on just ONE item – this chef statue which cost RM200 (and this was AFTER bargaining!)

At the end of the two hours, everyone had to check back in with their purchases and balance (which was mostly made up of 10sen coins! I think there was less than RM2 change in TOTAL from 17 beta-testers!! LOL!!)

Of course, what’s an event without at least one photo with me in it? :D I managed to grab a pic with Connie, Plue and Erna. This was also my first time meeting Plue face to face thanks to Connie – and she’s a lovely person! She referred to me as the “big sis kind” in her blog post (err…how that came about I have no idea, but we had a good time catching up over lunch with the others as well)

As for me, I managed to pick up a few items as well…two of which are the two tops above – they’re nice and thin, so they’re perfect for the local heat. The colours were just so pretty as well…can’t wait to get around to wearing them!

Do go and check out MySimplifieds k? Postings are free at present, and there’s a cool contest running from now till 8th Jan where you can win stuff like Nokia phones, PSPs and an Xbox. Also, the Nokia XpressMusic 5800 is also up for pre-orders ONLY on MySimplifieds, so if you’ve been lemming for one, you know where to go! :)

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Friday, 12 December 2008

Back in a bit...

Hey guys,

Sorry there haven’t been updates in a while…work has been totally insane! You’d think that businesses would be gearing down for the Christmas holidays, but it just seems to be getting more and more hectic by the day... :( I haven’t even managed to get my Christmas LIST out (hey, we're not even talking about shopping yet!)

However, there is that faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – I’ll be back with some interesting news this weekend…stay tuned! Oh, and of course…hope you all are enjoying this season of Advent, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! :)


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Dior Iconic launch…

Last month, I was invited by Dior to attend their Iconic launch. In the invitation email, there was a mention of a surprise but I didn’t realise what a surprise it would be.

To be honest, I was surprised they were having a launch, as Iconic was already available in Malaysia at the time. However, being the curious cat, I went downtown with Erna to check it out. The only items on display were the Dior Iconic mascara and Dior Duo Eyeshadow.

At this event, Dior had invited the usual media and celebrities like Ning Baizura and the Miss Malaysias – AND a host of bloggers as well. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this…especially since some bloggers are considered competitors by the media.

Our past and present beauty queens…and Kinkybluefairy in the bottom right corner

The actual launch itself was merely of the Iconic mascara…as well as a live test of the mascara by two local models. I’ve already mentioned on my personal blog that one of the models was frighteningly thin. To be honest, there was probably only all of 3 kilos difference between the two models that were there, but one was scarily gaunt while the other looked VERY slim, but nevertheless, still healthy. But I’m deviating from the topic here.

Model test of the mascara

Of course, the big surprise of the day was outside La Bodega. After ushering all of us to a red carpet area in front of a black tent, they launched…the Dior truck.

I was rather speechless with the truck, to be honest. The display inside the truck was granted, almost a perfect replica of a Dior counter…but in a truck? I would have expected something like this from a brand like Elianto or Silkygirl since those are really targeted at the masses with a low price point, but for a brand that is considered high-end this cheapened the brand somewhat. Furthermore, when they announced that they would be taking the truck around Malaysia on roadshows, it just added to my “what the…” response.

The roadshows were completed recently, and from what I hear it did relatively well. I still cannot get over the thought of them selling cosmetics out the back of a truck, even if the truck DOES look glam.

This was the slim model I was talking about – she was absolutely gorgeous…and I LOVED her dress!

Cosmetics galore at the show – the one inside La Bodega was substantially smaller though…I guess they wanted to drive all of us to the truck display as much as possible.

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying out the mascara…and Paris was there to capture me on camera being the guinea pig…LOL!

According to Dior, Diorshow Iconic is the High Definition Lash Curler Mascara all-in-one tool for total lash perfection. Two Dior innovations join forces to create a smudge-proof spectacular curl, lash-by-lash separation, immediate volume and divine length for a high-voltage look that lasts.

The end result was quite impressive…but the makeup artist was a bit nuts, and got mascara on the INSIDE of my waterline!! I had to keep stopping him as my eyes were watering… o.O

I got a tube of Diorshow Iconic in #90-Black which I’ve used a few times since then…and hoo boy, it makes my lashes look something fierce! When I curl my lashes beforehand, I can look like I was actually born with long, lush lashes. :) Me likey!

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Think Happy Thoughts – of Clinique, that is!

Okay, if I absolutely cannot get my hands on the Marc Jacobs Daisy Necklace in my previous post, I think I’ve found the next best thing…Clinique’s Limited Edition Happy Thoughts!

The silver perfume case (or PDA case as some sites have listed it) also comes with a Happy Perfume Spray (15ml), a Mini Happy Rollerball (2ml) and a Mini Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Rootbeer (4ml). Me *heart*!!

And better yet, this is already available at our Clinique counters in Malaysia! :) Limited quantities of course, but hey, it’s only RM100! (o.O) I just did a quick online price check, and it’s retailing for £17.62 and AUD50.00 in UK and Australia respectively so by comparison, RM100 is a pretty decent bargain.

This is going on my Christmas wish list…and that list is just getting longer by the minute! :D What's on your Christmas wish list this year?


Monday, 1 December 2008

Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace…


Enter the world of Daisy: fresh and feminine, with a playful innocence. At the heart of Daisy is a floral with vintage edge—violet. Sophisticated with a touch of whimsy, violet captures the eclectic, vintage flavor of Marc Jacobs' feminine, edgy designs. Always elegant, always enchanting—but not too serious—Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet that is spirited, fresh, and wrapped in comfort and warmth. Scent has notes of Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods. This Solid Perfume Necklace is classic yet youthful, containing a 0.02 oz solid perfume that you can apply anywhere, any time. Cord is adjustable and measures 36".

I tell you, when I saw this on Sephora it was love at first sight…arrrgghh!! Sephora had better be opening up their stores in Malaysia real soon before I start going mad from all the lemming... :s It's oh so pretty too...even without the fragrance I'd buy it!


M-IFA 2008 Gala Nite…

M-IFA 2008, or the Malaysia International Fashion Awards 2008 was held at Gardens Midvalley this year, in the midst of all the bustle and rush of the upcoming Christmas celebrations and sales – where better than in Fashion Central right? :) There were a lot of runway shows as well as promotions ongoing throughout the week to showcase local and international designer creations.

List of designers that had displays / runway shows throughout M-IFW 2008…substantial, isn’t it?

Anyway, when I was offered the chance to attend the Gala Nite on Saturday, I could not resist...especially since I’d be meeting up with Paris, Pinkelle and Rinnah. Good time to have a good poke around the whole scene since it has been at least two years since the last time I attended M-IFA.

Entry pass sticker – we were guests of the Melium group

The entrance outside Redbox on Level 4, Gardens Hotel & Residences

Dress code for the night was supposed to be “Fabulously Glam”…the setting was somewhat glitzy, but not everyone was dressed for the occasion. Most of them looked like they were wandering out for a night on the town, although some dresses in particular were absolutely breathtaking (and I mean this literally as well since they looked skintight!)

Cocktails and dinner were served at the venue, although I found it odd that the food they served was hard to maneuver, and were problematic foods ie. those that could get stuck in your teeth or leave you with dragon breath afterwards (I suppose that’s part of the reason these models stay so thin – they don’t eat!)

The fashion and awards show was held on Level 5, with designated areas for seating – we didn’t realise until we were up there that our entry stickers put us in the “VIP” section…and hence got seats with a great view of the runway and stage…yay!

I liked the set up of the whole stage…looked very simplistic with clean lines, and just check out that chandelier!

Emcee for the night was Deborah Henry, dressed in a lovely tiered Tangoo dress

There was an opening show by Peter Choo and The Dance Company called “Circus Circus” – if you ask me, it was very flouncy…just check out the costumes!!

I must say, some of the outfits caught my eye…not because I’d wear them, but because they were quite unique – it was a nice concept! Got a bit freaked out by the “torso”-jiggling, balloon-wielding girls tottering their way up and down the stage though.

The troupe were more dancers than actual models, seeing how some of them were really quite flexible…but it’s amazing how they managed to pull it off – just check out the girl below prancing down the runway on ballet toe shoes!!

This one with the guy in pink was rather disturbing, actually

And for sure, the guys were definitely NOT regular models – they were all half dressed, literally SPEED-WALKED up and down the runway and hardly stopped…probably to avoid anyone taking clear photos of them and their ‘packages’…LOL!!

Grand parade for the finale

The designer himself, together with the choreographer and lead of the performing troupe

Of course, no show would be complete without its VVIPS…we saw some big names at the Gala Nite: (L-R) Tom Abang Saufi, Datuk Farah Khan, the guest of honour Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique and “I attend every single event” Amber. Others at the show that I recognised were Chef Wan, Maya Karin and a whole host of models and designers. I also ran into quite a few people that I knew at the event – some of whom I have not seen in YEARS…funny a reunion should take place at an event like this! :D

But first, a little Q&A with a couple of the awards judges – Datuk Farah Khan and someone from L’Oreal (if I’m not mistaken it was the brand or marketing manager?) Seriously, they should have just whacked the person who wrote her script for her – it was so clearly regurgitation of a memorised script, not to mention an OVER-plugging of L’Oreal. Come on, we all know L’Oreal is a major sponsor, with their banners and products seen EVERYWHERE. So in that case, did you still need to TELL us who your spokesmodels are when their faces are pinned up on walls just next to us about 10ft high?

Presentation of the M-IFA Awards for best designers (casual, evening and avant garde), best newcomer and so on…all of them got a cash prize, as well as a hamper from L’Oreal. Which brings me to the single most over-used phrase in the Gala Nite – “because she/he is worth it”. L’Oreal plugging! Once at the beginning and end of the awards would have been sufficient…but nooo, they had to squeeze it in at every single opportunity: “So and so gets a cash prize from *** and a token from L’Oreal…because she’s worth it”. What the…

But of course, the most anticipated award of the night was for the M-IFA Designer of the Year 2008…Eric Choong won it last year, so this year’s winner was……

…none other than Sonny San! (hoo boy, his clothes are going to skyrocket in terms of prices after this!)

How was your weekend? :) By the way, if you’re looking to get an early start on your Christmas presents, hop on over to My Women Stuff where Santarina Paris is giving away some fabulous gift sets!!