Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

Yup, I’ve officially crossed the border from “mid-twenties” to “late twenties”…*shudder*

To Tine, Nikki and Paris, thank you for all your lovely birthday posts…I loved the personal touch you guys added. Paris even gave me an early birthday surprise which was just so adorable, I’m still trying to bring myself to open it to use! :)

Connie, Plue, Prettybeautiful and all the other readers that wished me through the various posts – thank you! You guys kept a smile going on my face everytime I read it!

Sorry Mr Lobster…you’re our dinner tonight!

As far as celebrations go, this year was very low-key, actually. Had a meal with the family on Sunday night at King Crab where my dad sacrificed the poor but feisty lobster you see above for sashimi, and saw a rather *cough* odd-looking geoduck draped over the side of the tank…just looked disturbing! (I’ll do a review of the place soon!)

What does this remind you of?? :O

Monday was spent at work thanks to a colleague that disappeared on duvet (you know who you are!!), but I had ice cream with the colleagues so it wasn’t too bad. One amusing thing I realised was the power of Facebook! I guess it’s true what my dad said once – “if you want to know someone’s birthday, just go and check Facebook” (yeah, this coming from my dad!) There were an incredible number of Facebook messages…some from people I hadn’t spoken to in years! (Facebook creators, you are geniuses!)

Ice cream (or rather, the finished cup!) from my fave place…

Couldn’t go anywhere in the evening since I had my usual choir practice, but we had a small celebration there…and that’s it! My whole day gone like that.

Or so I thought. When I got back, I found this waiting on my bed…

Wonder of wonders, it’s from my BROTHER. If you knew my brother, you’d know how shocked I am that he managed to surprise me with this. He orchestrated some mission with my dad, getting him to check the books I was reading on my nightstand and went out to get the sequel – although the end result was quite comical, it was really sweet nonetheless.

So I’m officially a year older…although how old is undetermined, since my lovely family members cannot agree on the number. My grandmother thinks I’m turning 25, while my brother thought I was turning 28 (he got smacked – HARD – for that one!)


At 3:54 pm, November 11, 2008 , Anonymous Faye said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Bee !!

You're on Facebook too, what's ur id ?

At 4:18 pm, November 11, 2008 , Anonymous Tine said...

That is one limp piece of meat :p

Eh you still haven't gotten anything on the post from me ah? Stupid Australian Post/Pos Malaysia :(

At 5:35 pm, November 11, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

faye: thanks!! i'll send you my ID via email k? ;)

tine: no kidding..hehe..

ahh? got something in the post ah?? damn our postal services!! :(

At 1:34 am, November 12, 2008 , Blogger Shen said...

BELATED!! :) hope you have a good one!

At 12:01 pm, November 13, 2008 , Anonymous parisb said...

Wait till you hit the early 30s! But hey, the 30s is the new 20s ;)

At 4:30 pm, November 13, 2008 , Anonymous xin said...

wow king crab in KJ? how does geoduck taste like? it looks too....ew!

At 10:36 pm, November 13, 2008 , Blogger pinkyping said...

hi beetrice!

it was nice meeting you today! and happy belated birthday :) hope you had a good one.

At 11:41 pm, November 13, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

shen: thanks!! :)

parisb: well, that's what they say...but I'll have to let you know when I get there!! :D

xin: hey xin! well, according to my dad it's crunchy - something like jellyfish...the dead one hanging over the side looks gross doesn't it? :p

pinkyping: hey pinky - took a while to sink in who you were from the username! LOL...it was nice meeting you too, and thanks!

At 8:53 am, November 14, 2008 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

You're welcome..aww your brother is so sweet but funny how he thought you're older!!! hahahhahaha

What does the photo remind me of? Can I go x rated ? It reminded me of a 2 SMALL BOOBS~ hahahha


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