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The Body Shop Mineral Makeup...

** 6.00pm edit: Replaced the photos with images sent to me courtesy of The Body Shop. Enjoy!

Finally…The Body Shop has joined the mineral makeup craze and come up with their own Nature’s Minerals™ MMU range, made up of long-lasting foundation, cheek colours and eye shades.

From what I know, this range is only supposed to be launched on 19th September, but is already being sold at our local TBS stores. And nosey ol’ me decided to go and grab some swatches of the new colours…simply gorgeous!

There are six pearlescent eye colours available – Platinum Shimmer (pearly silver), Radiant Graphite (gunmetal grey), Golden Emerald (dark green), Pink Opal (mauve), Bronzed Amber (which is more bronze/brown than actual amber!) and Molten Bronze (dark brown). Compared to the other MMUs I’ve tried, these hold their own quite well – the swatches you see above are from using a ‘dab and swipe’ motion. I’ve got my eye on shades #1 and #2… :)

Next up are the cheek colours in three shades (locally, internationally there are four shades available) – Pink Quartz (fair skin), Brown Topaz (medium skin) and Warm Copper (dark skin). Out of the three, the Pink Quartz gave me a lovely flushed look, but I wouldn’t go past using Brown Topaz as a bronzer rather than a blush, since it has slightly yellow undertones.

The long-lasting foundation is probably the most eye-catching one since it has SPF25, but I don’t have swatches of that – it comes in 6 shades, although based on the amount of stock left in the store after its first week, I’d say Shade 02 is the most popular. Ingredients in the foundation include Mediterranean clay and kaolin (for staying power), Sericite (for luster) and mica-based pearls (for a healthy glow).

With all the three items above, the sifter jars are a little different to the typical sifter jars I’ve seen to date – these come with a mesh sifter, which is supposed to make it easier to manage/ distribute with less mess. I’m not sure if this is true just yet, but after the shaking of the jars I did in the shop, this could be true...all in the name of testing, of course! :) Oh, and did I mention that TBS has some new brushes in as well?

The one on the left is a Blusher Brush, while the bigger one on the right is a Foundation Brush. To be honest, they’re really just Kabuki brushes in different sizes. But oh the bristles! If you ever happen past a TBS outlet, you simply have to try this one. There’s also a new Eyeshadow Brush available.

By comparison, these new brushes are denser than the previous brushes and I was told this is because they’re designed to be used with the MMU. And keeping with TBS’animal-friendly policies, they’re 100% synthetic.

The Body Shop is currently running a ‘combo’ promotion for the Nature’s Minerals™ range, which I thought was quite nifty…

Any Mineral Eye Colour (NP: RM55) + Eyeshadow Brush (NP:RM45) = RM85.00 (save RM15.00)
Any Long-lasting Foundation (NP:RM99) + Foundation Brush (NP:RM75) = RM147.90 (save RM26.10)
Cheek Colour (NP:RM65) + Blusher Brush (NP:RM73) = RM117.30 (save RM20.70)

The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals™ range is available at The Body Shop outlets nationwide as of 29th August in Malaysia, so do go and check it out!

PS: I've been a bad, bad girl...but...the foundation + brush was just too much of a temptation! :D



At 1:30 pm, September 05, 2008 , Anonymous parisb said...

Eh, mesh sifter may indeed be better. I'll check this out! But why lah the prices so weird wan... Round down la, where promo prices got coins wan... *rant rant rant* :)

At 5:04 pm, September 05, 2008 , Blogger Tine said...

I tried out the kabuki brush, and it's exactly like the kabuki brush from Signature Minerals! But SM's a whole lot cheaper ;)

At 6:47 pm, September 05, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

parisb: It's not bad - as for the go complain to TBS lah! :D

tine: true...but once you add in the shipping fees, TBS' is actually a bit cheaper (and I don't have to wait to get it! teehee..)

At 8:10 pm, September 05, 2008 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

Wow MMU from TBS??? I gotta check out our local TBS and see if we're LATE again! I love the look of the brush, just looking at it, I KNOW the texture already!!!! cutey!!!! Did you buy any?

At 8:10 pm, September 05, 2008 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

I saw the P.S.!!!! You bought!??!!!!

At 8:47 pm, September 05, 2008 , Anonymous Laura said...

Gosh, I just love mineral cosmetics.

can't wait to get Golden Emerald, Radiant Graphite, Brown Topaz, yay!

At 10:45 pm, September 05, 2008 , Blogger Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

I blogged about it when I first saw it come out XD But due to my blog's unpopularity it didn't get noticed.

I love the foundation and brush though!

At 11:39 pm, September 06, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

askmewhats: hehe..the texture's just AMAZING..and I did say I've been a bad girl didn't I? ('ll just have to wait and see!)

laura: ooh great - I loved Radiant Graphite... :)

stephanie/ yukaeshi: wow...when did you get yours? glad you're loving it too! :)

At 1:55 am, September 07, 2008 , Blogger Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

I got mine right on the day it was launched ;) Didn't even realise it. I remember on Monday I was at TBS The Curve, and the next day I saw it for sale at TBS Megamall so I got it! I've just recently reviewed my foundation, so yeah XD

At 3:08 am, September 07, 2008 , Anonymous dee said...

I really thk it's a bit too pricey though. Shipping doesn't really cost that much especially if you share with other people. i m interested to try the mmu out but i'm not a fan of clay due to hving vr dry skin

At 3:13 pm, September 07, 2008 , Anonymous rinnah said...

I wanna check out their make-up brushes! That blush brush looks exactly like what I need.

Uhm, did I just say need? Teehee!

At 6:57 pm, September 07, 2008 , Anonymous MisSmall said...

Seems like I'm the only one who's not too fond of mineral makeups. I feel so left out. :(

How's the quality of the eyeshadow brush, do you know?

At 12:58 am, September 09, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

stephanie/ yukaeshi: nice!

dee: most MMU sites have samplers if you're just looking to try it - Silk Naturals is quite good at it, and so is Meow Cosmetics... :)

rinnah: hehe...oh you'll be so hooked - and everything is 'need' when we want it to be! :D

missmall: oh dear..well, you can join the 'brush' group then! ;) btw, the e/s brush is...*speechless* of that one coming soon! (ok ok, so I was REALLY bad..LOL!)

At 4:33 pm, September 09, 2008 , Blogger Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

My TBS kabuki brush sheds :(

At 5:07 pm, September 16, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

stephanie / yukaeshi: oh it still shedding after you washed it?

At 3:52 pm, November 02, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know the full ingredient list of these products?


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