Monday, 18 August 2008

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief…

I got two 30ml jars of Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief as part of my Clinique ‘freebie haul’ from London…after 7 weeks or so, I’ve already finished one and about a quarter of the way through my 2nd jar…eeps!

Rapidly boosts skin’s moisture levels, restoring balance. Even plumps up skin’s resistance to fine dry lines. Use whenever, wherever needed, under or over makeup.

The Verdict:
This is by far, one of the best moisturizers I have ever used! I love the way the gel formula literally melts into my skin and evens out my skin tone without a greasy residue on my skin. I’ve been using this ever since returning from my London trip, and since then my skin has been very well behaved. :) No untoward breakouts, even during my PMS. I usually use this twice a day, in the morning and at night before I go to bed together with the ‘All About Eyes’ as well.

PS: Quick update on the All About Eyes – it ROCKS! I can seriously tell the difference if I haven’t been using it, and has managed to reduce my eye bags substantially.

As far as this gem goes, I’ve got no complaints. Oh, and with regards to my ranting and raving about Clinique’s front line staff? I’m still as peeved about the counters in 1Utama, Jusco Midvalley and Parkson KLCC (amongst others!), but perhaps there’s one ray of light in the whole lot – the girl at the Clinique counter at Metrojaya Midvalley…passable, and not too pushy. I just happened by there to check out the prices of some of the products, and from my previous experiences, was ready to ‘do battle’ if needed…didn’t need it after all…*phew*

However, the price point is still a bit of a sore point for me…in the UK, the Moisture Surge retails for under £20 for a 50ml jar (under RM130), which is at least RM30 cheaper than it is here. Considering that I got 2 jars of 30ml FREE, that’s almost RM200 worth in the freebie haul! :O Add that to the fact that you get a whole pack of freebies (and NICE bags compared to the fugly ones we get here) for every 2 items purchased (inclusive of one skincare item), it’s really not worth buying in Malaysia. *sigh*…I guess I’ll have to start bribing my UK friends to bring it back for me when they come back then…arrrgghh!!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief retails at RM160 for a 50ml jar and is available from all Clinique counters nationwide.

Rating: 4 / 5
Value: $$$
(but only if you buy it in the UK!)



At 6:17 pm, August 18, 2008 , Blogger Tine said...

This is great, isn't it? I love using it at night, cold on my skin :p

I was going to suggest Strawberrynet, but after checking it, I realised it's only about RM6 cheaper. Not really worth it, especially when you can accumulate points or get a gift with purchase if you get it in Malaysia instead.

At 8:52 am, August 19, 2008 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and been using this since March of this year!!!! I am using the All about eyes sample for weeks now..LOVIN it to the max!

At 7:20 pm, August 19, 2008 , Blogger MisSmall said...

All About Eyes is great! But I could never remember to use it every night. Left mine in Melbourne, and now I'm tempted to restock after reading your review. Time to visit the Clinique counter again. But you're right, most, if not all, of the cosmetician in Msia are soooo pushy. :/

At 1:03 am, August 20, 2008 , Anonymous entwined said...

have you tried the clinique counter at isetan lot 10? i've asked them for some samples before and they are quite willing to help out :)

At 7:53 pm, August 20, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

tine: aiyah, I'm just going to bribe whichever friend is coming back from London to get it for me! (Msia's samples are nothing, really)

askmewhats: yet another thing we both lurrve...hehe...sample also can last you so long ah?

missmall: hehe..forget once or twice ok lah.. :p I know I've forgotten before! Try the counter at Metrojaya Midvalley - not too bad compared to the rest.

entwined: I'm nowhere near Lot 10.. :s but if I'm ever in the area I'll check it out - thanks! :)

At 10:21 pm, August 24, 2008 , Anonymous rinnah said...

This sounds really good, hor? I think I need All About Eyes... I just found fine lines! Gah....

At 3:34 pm, September 02, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

rinnah: and me both!! mine's right between the eyes summore!! :(


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