Friday, 23 May 2008

SpaSensials* Moisturising Socks and Gloves…

The last time I met up with Paris, she very kindly gave me a set of the SpaSensials* moisturising socks and gloves to try. The directions are simple enough – just slip on the gloves and socks for 15 minutes.

SpaSensials* Intensive Moisturizing & Conditioning Gloves and Socks is a patent-pending, dermatologist-tested and clinically proven treatment to soothe and deeply moisturize dry, cracked skin in minutes, leaving your hands and feet feeling as refreshed and rejuvenated as your mind. Socks and gloves are already infused with Aloe, Avocado Extract, Jojoba Extract, and Vitamins A, B5 and E.

SpaSensials* Socks and Gloves feature unique moisture barriers that keep moisture on the inside and not on the outside. Each sock or glove features an outer protective layer, and stretchy moisture barrier and a moisture retainer. Socks and gloves will not leave or leave stains on furniture or bedding. See visible results after just one treatment.

SpaSensials* socks and gloves also feature our gentle signature fragrance, Mandarin Ginger Flower

1. Put on gloves/ socks
2. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer
3. Massage in residual moisturizer after removing gloves/ socks

The Verdict:
This was quite a new experience for me. As far as the product itself goes, I was quite impressed by their spiel of ‘moisturiser stays on the inside, not the outside’ bit, as the material really did feel as if the lotion was going to come squeezing out of the pores (but it didn’t).

When I put on the gloves and socks, the first thing that struck me was the size. The fingers on the gloves were rather long, but since it’s ‘one size fits all’, this didn’t bother me much (I’ve always been teased for having short fingers!). However, the socks were an extremely snug fit, and I actually had trouble slipping it over my heels. As it is, I usually range between a size 7-9 for shoes, but if these are being distributed in the US, I can imagine anyone with larger size feet would have a problem putting on the socks.

I left the gloves and socks on for about 25 minutes, and then rubbed in the residual moisturizer per the instructions. It was a bit sticky, but it quickly dissipated leaving me with nicely moisturized skin with a faint scent. The results were definitely quite impressive for a ‘quick fix’, and I’d consider using this again sometime. However, I hope SpaSensials* will consider making slightly bigger or adjustable socks – the socks actually left a red pressure line around my ankle after I removed it…not good.

As far as a travel implement, it’s quite useful during holidays where you’ve done a lot of walking, but pricey if you want to use it on a regular basis. The socks size is also a concern for me, which means that I’m more liable to go back for just the gloves rather than the complete treatment pack.

SpaSensials* moisturizing socks and gloves retails at USD$11.99 for a treatment pack of 2 exfoliating buffs, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 pairs of gloves.

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Value: $$

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At 1:55 pm, May 23, 2008 , Anonymous prettybeautiful said...

wah this one looks funky. the gloves are made of paper? cannot recycle right?

At 4:25 pm, May 23, 2008 , Anonymous rinnah said...

I vaguely remember reading Paris' review of this one before... I think she also mentioned that the gloves were on the larger / longer side?

But it looks pretty cool!

At 10:41 pm, May 23, 2008 , Blogger Askmewhats said...

awww the socks looks cute on you!! wow, I just use plain socks when I moisturize my feet before I sleep. Never seen this product my whole life!!! thanks for enlightening me that there is such product :)


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