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St.Ives® Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub...

St.Ives® Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub is specially created to keep skin visibly healthy all year long. 100% natural exfoliants and Salicylic Acid remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to fight blemishes and blackheads, revealing clearer looking skin. The hypo-allergenic formula also claims to remove unnecessary oil that could cause future blackheads/ blemishes.

Moisten face, apply with wet fingertips and massage gently. Rinse well and pat dry.

The Verdict:
I’ve been using this product for quite a long time now (when I think about it, it’s been almost a decade…when I first tried it, a 6oz tube could go as low as RM12.00+ on sale!). The packaging used to be white with a blue flip-cap cover, but a recent revamp streamlined the design of the packaging for the St Ives line.

I prefer this version to their normal Apricot Scrub as the texture’s slightly less coarse (Tip: you can actually use the normal Apricot Scrub as a fantastic leg/ foot scrub!). One point to note is that using this scrub once a day is plenty – any more, and you’ll be scrubbing your face raw. That said, although the grains look coarse, it won’t dry or scratch your skin with daily usage. The smell’s quite fresh and mildly pleasant, although as far as its blemish control claim goes it’s not very accurate.

This is a prime case of overhyped marketing…it’s a good product on its own for smoothing out skin texture overall, but to say that it controls/ fights blemishes is a bit of a reach (it hasn’t done anything to prevent FUTURE blemishes from appearing…*shrugs*). I don’t like the way the marketing and claims are misleading, as a matter of principle.

All things considered, you can go for this is you want smooth skin but not if you already have blemishes or blackheads – this product won’t help. St Ives should really think about the claims they make on their products.

St Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub retails for approximately RM18.00 in a 6oz tube. Available from any major retail outlet.

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Value: $$

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At 2:44 pm, April 19, 2008 , Anonymous entwined said...

i'm using st ives apricot face wash with 2 % salycylic acid, which comes in a pump bottle. MY FAVE cleanser, on my second bottle now and i used be a product junkie hahah. i can't live without salycylic acid and it doesn't leave the skin dry and tight like other salycylic acid cleansers like johnson & johnson. :) oddly though, when i was using the apricot scrub for blackheads and blemish, i found that it did help in controlling the breakouts :) like i said, must be the salycylic acid at work :P

At 2:41 pm, April 20, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

entwined: good to hear it worked for you... :) In my case it was more of a skin smoother than anything else. Haven't tried the face wash yet though...*contemplates*...

At 10:09 am, July 24, 2008 , Anonymous Quintero said...

Does it remove brown pimple scars cause that's what I thought it was for?

At 10:41 am, July 24, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

hey's not actually touted as a scar remover, but over time it will even out your skintone ie. fade the pimple scars. :)

At 11:31 am, July 24, 2008 , Anonymous mas said...

hey there, i just started using this product for a few weeks and i kinda like it for making my skin smoother & fairer...

as for the cleanser, ive tried it also and i think it somehow controls your breakouts 'a bit'. :) but it makes your skin a bit dry tho

At 6:44 pm, July 28, 2008 , Blogger beetrice said...

mas: great to hear it's working for you.. :) as for the cleanser, I've got combi skin so I use a different cleanser at night. I might give this a try some time though..cheers!

At 9:41 am, March 19, 2010 , Anonymous Claire said...

I love St Ives too. Especially the Apricot Scrub, makes my skin so smooth.
But I trouble looking for St Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer here in Malaysia.

At 11:29 am, November 19, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

During a trip overseas in London (I love London) and I was running out of my regular face wash... I stopped into this lovely salon, and they recommended the Shielo Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub. I picked up at the store, and I ordered one online from Shielo's website.

I love this stuff. After just a few days of using it I noticed my skin became so clean and it not only eliminated all my blackheads (and I do mean all) a my skin also began to exude a youthful glow that I hadn't seen since I was a kid. The only con to my experience would have to be that after a couple weeks my skin dried up a little, but a few days of giving this scrub a break and I was back to using it not to mention I have not had one pimple since using this regularly!


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