Sunday, 30 September 2007

I love bags, but this is ridiculous...

I don’t know about you, but ever since hitting the ‘mid-twenties’, I’m getting ever more aware of the dark bags forming under my eyes. Bad enough that we have to worry about wrinkles…now this. And I definitely don’t want to end up looking like this when I’m older.

Of course, the main thing would be to actually get enough sleep to combat the bags, but for those that don’t exactly have that luxury (like me!), we end up having to resort to lotions and eye creams. Which brings me to this – Lancôme’s Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X³ Ultimate Whitening Anti-Dark Circles Eye Treatment. I got this from the counter at 1 Utama recently, so let’s hope this does the trick.

The description of the product reads: A unique eye care product made from the latest whitening technology for Asians. Helps control the formation of brown spots & reduces its intensity, visibly minimizing & lightening dark circles under the eye area. Provides comfort & calming to the delicate eye area.

The instructions are easy enough – Use twice daily, AM and PM. With ring finger, apply to entire eye area with a gentle, patting motion.

The salesgirl said to continue applying it for at least 2 weeks to start seeing a difference, but so far, I’ve noticed some improvement in the area. Will let you guys know how it goes after the two weeks are up.



At 9:58 am, October 08, 2007 , Blogger Tine said...

Ooh do let us know if it works. I'm on a lookout for a good one too. I'm currently using Clinelle's eye cream, which I THINK is working. Sigh ... growing old from the wedding :(


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