Saturday, 21 July 2007

Laptop bags...

I’ve never been one for conventional laptop bags, and it has always been a real burden for me to haul my computer back and forth using those one-side straps…they cut into my shoulder. During one of my trawlings at Low Yat recently, I came across this bag from Targus that was exactly what I needed.

Nice, no?

The backpack came at a bargain for just RM150. I like the fact that it’s from Targus, hence the bag comes with a full warranty. And it’s such a ladies bag! A friend commented that the bag actually came with a make-up bag (it’s really just a pouch for essentials, not REALLY a make-up bag…but I guess you could use it as one!)

This one will serve me well for now, although there are still quite a few other bags that caught my eye while I was surfing online:

Personally, I love these few…

What’s your favourite?



At 2:59 pm, July 22, 2007 , Blogger Tine said...

Ooooh I blogged about these once. My favourites are your favourites :p

At 3:32 pm, July 22, 2007 , Blogger beetrice said...

I think I remember that post too...some of them are SO gorgeous, but quite impractical...can you imagine putting a WHITE laptop bag on the floor?? *sacrilege*


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